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Testing the Offline editor

I am trying out my new offline editor, Livewriter, it’s a Windows product. Husband is a diehard “I don’t do Windows” kind of guy. However, it’s what came with my laptops and I am used to it. I Ariel remains my favorite font, but I thought I’d see how I felt about Comic San MS. It’s very readable and has a flair to it, but it does take a bit of getting used to. It almost looks like my handwriting when I print. Just to spice things up a bit, I thought I would throw in the sorts of random objects that catch my attention. Marble tiles in sidewalks and rocks in the sand.   Always the costumer, a shop selling raiment to adorn statues of saints caught my eye. It would be an interesting sideline for me, don’t you think? I think I would be good at it. This font is called Calibri. Now the time has come to ...

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More photos from Isla

Here is a typical street, at least in the section we were in. I love how everyone walks in the street rather than on the sidewalk. Some of the streets were actually closed to traffic and most of them were one way. If you look closely you will see the golf cart rental place on the right.This is the cemetery , I am fascinated by Mexican cemeteries, they look like model cities. This is a bar, I loved the way it flowed, a softer version of southwestern style archecture. I think this is going to be a malecon. Lots of building was happening on this part of the island. I was fascinated by these displays of how to wear sarongs and scarves. This first one has a buckle similar to the type that was the rage in the 80s (?) to thread your tee shirt through and make it look “sexier”. This one looks like it would make a great ...

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