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A new obsession

I have been resisting entering the twentieth century for so long that it’s now the twenty first, we’re even into the second decade of the age of Aquarius.Slowly I have been lured from my Luddite ways. First it was blogging. Then Facebook, just to see photos of the family. Then I joined a Facebook group, because of the 1912 Titanic Sewing Project. It seems to be a geometric progression.Starting  twenty four years with using  BBSs (Bulletin Board System ), which gradually lead to using forums like (the now defunct) Merida Insider. It was just five years ago that I started blogging. Then seventeen months ago I joined Facebook. Six months ago I joined the Sewing the Titanic Facebook Group (I may have the name wrong). This week I joined Pinterest.  At this rate I’ll be tweeting by September! How did I end up pinning? My daughter pins so I got used to looking at her board. Then it dawned on ...

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