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Buried alive

I went from no projects to feeling buried alive in an avalanche of fabric and ideas. How does this stuff happen to me? It’s that feeling that I have nothing but time, and then my brain goes into overdrive and finally explodes. After talking to my daughter, I decided that I want to go nob, just not anywhere of course, but to California. I couldn’t afford it last year, airfares were twice what they were the year before. Plus we spent the money on fixing he car instead. So it’s my intention to go in November, because I can see my kids and go to Dickens Fair too. Since I sold my costume, I will need to make a new one. I also have some fabric left from girls’ skirts so I can make them blouses and I would like to make them some cute pantaloons too. It’s a bit early to start on costumes but my brain is already ...

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What do I cook all day?

With my renewed effort to get healthier, I bought chicken instead of pork at the supermarket. Husband is not really fond of chicken he says it tastes like cardboard at best. When I was pregnant with my first child all you had to do was say the word “chicken” and I would loose my stomach contents, but that was (wow) 30 years ago, so I think I am over it. That child, by the way, makes the most awesome fried chicken ever. One day she wanted fried chicken so I bought her chicken parts and handed her the cookbook and said have fun! My kids learned how to cook at an early age. The girls learned in 4-H and Son learned from us plus he attended a cooking school for a couple of semesters. He can read a recipe in English and Spanish! The secret to really good fried chicken is to soak it in milk before battering and resisting ...

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A word to the wise

I just read this piece of advice. I wish that I had received it and more importantly followed it when we first came here. Before you need one, get the name of a good attorney and a good doctor, then investigate them. If you should ever need one, you won’t have the luxury of shopping around. I might also add that the attorneys on the list provided by the American Consulate are on that list because they have expressed a desire to work with Americans, not because the Consulate is recommending them. There is an ancient Chinese curse that goes “May you live in interesting times”. My times are indeed interesting.

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My projects

I have been getting terribly behind in my all my projects lately. I am pretty much done with any planting until August, we are going to be gone until February and then there is going to be some construction happening. I have come to the conclusion that the albañil is that gardener’s natural enemy. I have lost so darn many plants to them. I have had escombro (debris) poured on top of my plants, cement dust burn the leaves of plants, and my pots used to mix cement, I have also had workers take naps on top of my plants. So I will have to figure out what to do with my potted plants while the roof is being repaired. Then it will be March and blazing hot, so no gardening for me. Like I said, this is it for awhile, I think. I have some sewing that I would like to do before I go, but I think I ...

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