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People change and so do blogs

¿What do I do all day? has been online since October 22, 2007. My very first post, Great Plans and Ambitions was a bit short. In it I announced my idea of creating an online plant encyclopedia. I never made the plant encyclopedia,my interests changed. In the six years that I’ve been blogging I’ve posted 884 times and received 5711 comments. I don’t count spam but I do count my own replies. I believe it’s important to answer comments, I even blogged about it. That post resonated with my fellow bloggers so much that I immediately followed it up with The Great Comment Debate. Husband and I have lived in Merida for close to a decade now, and while where I live influences many of the things that I do, it has become less of a focus for this blog. I’ve come to the realization that where I live my life is not as important as how I live my ...

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Looking for paws

Orderly, organized and planned, not the words often used to describe my endevours. Vowing that this project would be different, I started a Pinterest board, titled Dining Room Redo (I’m prone to obvious clever names like that, I also named my gray mare Silver and an orange tom, Rusty). My first stop was Ana White’s amazing website of free and easy building plans, I found a couple of  farmhouse style tables that I liked. Not being certain that they were easy enough, I found this blog post after several hours of wandering the net eventually. It was exactly what I wanted. First order of business was to buy four legs in the appropriate style. Table legs in Spanish are called patas, this actually doesn’t feature into my story, but I thought you might like to know that little tidbit. There is an excellent lumber yard a 100 yards from our home. There I found the perfect turned leg, the price ridiculously ...

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Looking for myself

Turning 57 this year has made me introspective. Introspection does not come naturally to me, it’s right below Planning and Forethought on my list of things I forget to do behaviors to engage in more often. I’ve made a decision not to buy any more new clothes, sewing them or accepting used clothes from friends is okay, but buying new clothes is not. Part of my renewed interest in sewing is due to the VPLL 1912 Project and my involvement in the project. The other thing is that I have no style anymore. When I worked in retail, my style was professional/trendy and as an office manager it was office clothes, mostly office casual. I love tailored clothes. I like rayon separates with jackets. I like suits even pant suits. I wore Jones of New York, Liz Claiborne and shopped at the Clothes Barn. Not really, I shopped their clearance racks and bought my clothes second hand. However, they were ...

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