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Park bench sitters

Painting the men on the park bench was a challenge. The hats and body positions gave me fits. It all came together. Now I have two park paintings, I would like to do a series of them. Of course, that means I need to get out and take photos and do sketches.  Enough blather, here are the two paintings. Conversations in a park. Three Men, Two Benches Details from Three Men, Two Benches You can see the painting on my easel, in my post Artist at Work, the man in the gray hat changed quite a bit from when I started painting him.

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Artist at work

One of my fellow art students took some photos in class.                 Work in progress. I have to take a photo of the finished painting. I did this painting last year but never really liked it. I was trying to make it look like an old time sepia formal photograph. In my opinion, it looked too much like something that should be hung in the haunted mansion at Disneyland. Taking what I learned about under painting,I added some color to the painting. Now I like it, quite a bit, really. All the catrinas together, you can see my progress as an artist.

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Improving and Improvising

Practicing what I learned last week, I painted a portrait this week. I told Greenwood that I wanted to do something Rembrandt like. I had a photo from Halloween of BK’s husband dressed as a sultan and I wanted to use that as a jumping off point. We looked at an art book with Rembrandt’s paintings and those of his contemporaries. The turban and oriental costume was a frequent theme in art of that time. Greenwood pointed out to me that the backgrounds were dark to light. You can’t really tell in this photo but the lower right corner is much lighter than the upper left. I under painted the figure in shades of brown with the pants and pearls both being white. This is also one of my smallest paintings 14cm x 28cm (5.5” x 11”). I didn’t want to be too detailed. I want to take this to the framers and have a heavy gold frame put on ...

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Same person, different day

Mijo at 21 Same subject as in Faire Brat just fifteen or sixteen years later. The beard stubble was done in pencil rather than acrylics. Unfortunately, I overdid the glaze and it puddled in places on the portrait, I wanted to make sure that the pencil didn’t smudge. This is the smallest painting that I have done about 10 x 10 inches.

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Planning a painting

  Painting is definitely getting a lot of my attention these days. I decided that for my 2nd effort I would paint Lakshimi the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity among other things. I have a small print of her sitting in a lotus blossom. In order to work out some of the details I did a drawing of her from the shoulders up. Outside of the fact that her hat seems to have a mind of it’s own, I’m  content.  My sketch book was undulating a bit which doesn’t help the photo of my preliminary sketch.

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Back to the drawing board

I finished my first painting. It’s done with acrylics. It’s just okay, I know where I went wrong. I won’t bore you with the critque. I am sure number two will be better. The colours aren’t quite right in the photo either.

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First Artistic Friday

  My first painting class was today. The time just wizzed by. It’s a four hour class designed so you can complete a painting per class.  Being who I am, I chose something difficult for my first effort, a portrait. Hunting around the web and browsing through our many art books I realized that I like Realism especially art from the Romantic Era but my all time favorite are the Flemish painters. The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck fascinates me. My goal is to be able to paint like that. I have a long way to go. My next class is in two weeks. I will post my finished portrait after that.

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