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A new fork in the road

Filled with enthusiasm from attending Malcom Massey’s talk on e-publishing, I mentally went over the possibilities. I could self publish a book! What kind of book? My Griselda stories? a cookbook? The best blog posts from this blog? A novel? Then I thought about painting, fixing our house, crafts and all the other things that I do. So the book idea goes on the back burner, it’s not time to go down that road yet.

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recreating from scratch

Re-creating, recreation, that is the theme for today. I got my computer back yesterday, the technician backed up all my files that weren’t applications, so in theory I still have all my photos and files. You no doubt noticed that qualifying in theory, because I haven’t figured out where they are hiding. I have looked but no luck so far. Then I also lost all my bookmarks, which made me realize that my blog roll is not up to date. My to-do list is growing. On the re-creation theme, I am intrigued by alternative energy and housing. My longtime dream was to be self-sufficient, I wanted a small homestead and an energy efficient home. The Earthship concept fascinates me, but what I really love are underground houses. Cob houses which look like Hobbit houses are my favorite. Sadly, none of those techniques are really appropriate for where we live.They depend upon a resource that is scarce here, soil! The only ...

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