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Lemon Chicken

There is this new blog that I am reading called A Year of Crockpotting. The blogger made a resolution to use her crockpot every day for a year. The Crockpot Lady doesn’t pull punches, she tells you how the recipe worked out and I loved the recipe were she repeatedly told her readers not to make the dish! She has some non-food items on her blog. What’s hard for me is that she uses condiments that aren’t available here. What’s great is when I wrote a comment asking what sort of chipolte to use, even though the recipe was from Superbowl Sunday (Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings) she answered me right away. I still haven’t bought any allitas but just wait, I am making these and having friends over for botanas and beer.Husband’s doctor told us to eat chicken instead of pork. Neither of us are great poultry fans but I bought boneless skinless chicken breasts at Megabalcones (I think ...

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Cochinita and a new cooking blog

If you check out the links you will see that I have added a link to Belina’s Adventures, this is a relatively new cooking blog. Belina has been posting recipes on Merida Insider for some time, I am thrilled that she now has them in blog form.When she posted a recipe for Cochinita Pibil,the lazy way, I was thrilled. Cochinita is one of Husband’s favorites, and unlike mole (another one of his favorites) I like it too. I faithfully followed the recipe. Until I got to the part where she says to cook it, she suggests a pressure cooker or pot and says to cook until it’s done.I lined the pressure cooker with the banana leaves, layered the lovely achiote marinated pork on top, folded the banana leaves over the pork. So far so good. After I had put the top on the pressure cooker, I realized that there was no liquid to provide steam and pressure.I admit it, I ...

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