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Left scratching my head

Is critical thinking no longer a required course in college? Have people gotten to the point where someone says something outrageous and no one questions it? No wonder our so called news sources and politicians feel free to just say what ever comes to their minds no one stops to do the math any more! Being somewhat obsessed with food and diet these days, I follow diet and nutrition links that sound promising. Most of the so called advice online is the same stuff repackaged. Occasionally it’s something new. Most of it is forgotten almost before my screen has a chance to change. However, I watched a video some time ago that stuck with me. A woman was espousing veganism during a mock interview. The guest stated that calorie for calorie romaine lettuce had just as much protein as steak. The skinny interviewer brain dead from either a lack of protein or fat in her diet just accepted this tidbit ...

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