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restyling a recliner sofa – part 1

When I was asked at Saturday’s IWC meeting   “What have you been up to?” my automatic answer was “Not much.” Then I thought to add, “I’m crocheting a baby blanket, oh and I am taking a sofa apart.” I have no idea why that totally slipped my mind. It all started when I was cleaning our microfiber recliner loveseat, again. Microfiber wears like iron but in this climate it gets so dirty. I am a bit embarrassed to show you what it looked like! The worse part is that you can see where I habitually sat. All that black is from me. I guess even little delicate flowers like I imagine myself to be,sweat in the Yucatan. Forget the about the saying, horses sweat, men perspire, woman glow, here everyone sweats,especially on microfiber.  As I started to scrub, the idea of making a throw cover came to me. I discarded that idea, but decided to slip cover it instead. I ...

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