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This blogpost brought to you by the letter R

Husband got a new keyboard, his old one used to randomly refuse to render the letter “r”, which made using it a bit tiresome. Do you remember the drill from Spanish class?Now I can type it! rr con rr cigarro rr con rr barril rápidos corren los carros en el ferrocarril. Using Husband’s computer to post is much easier now. Unfortunately all my photos are all on my laptop. Not that I don’t want to use my laptop, but he has a game called Shi-sen Sho that I like to play. It’s a matching game using mahjongg tiles. From playing Shi-sen Sho I gravitated to reading blogs. Reading other people’s blogs leads to writing on my blog. So here I am! We’ve been trapped in the house this week, listening to a steady tap tap tap.It wasn’t the Count of Montecristo digging out of prison but rather the refurbishment of some vintage tiles. When a friend did some additional renovation ...

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