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Time to adjust my expectations again.

Friday evening, La Muchacha announced that the washing machine was broken. She went into more detail, but that was the gist of the announcement. Since it was late, I didn’t do anything about the problem. Saturday morning we’d deal with it and call someone if necessary. Saturday is a normal workday for many people including repair men. Somehow, I managed to forget all about it until Sunday. Husband and I did some trouble shooting and decided that the problem was beyond our abilities. The nut and washer holding the agitator assembly was corroded and none of the various tools we had would work to loosen it. Early Monday morning, I called the phone number of the tecnico (washing machine repairman to you English speakers) that I had used five years before when the drum was out of balance. Amazingly enough, he was still in business. Our conversation went like this. I lead off with “Necesito un tecnico, mi maquina de ...

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Photos of our ceiling etc.

I got up this morning took some photos to go along with the post that I did last night. This is some of the plaster on the floor. The paint looks like that because it the painters didn’t seal the walls well when they painted this room. Since our house is on a corner, we don’t have the problems most people do with moisture , the wall on the left is part of the only wall our house shares with another. Here’s the ceiling sans plaster. You can see the barrilla. This is the roof, To the right you can see our nieghbor’s tinaco, it is one of the old cement ones like we used to have. I can’t remember what the black stuff on the walls is called, it’s harmless but ugly. The first thing the workers will do is scrub the roof to remove this and the salts that have accumulated. Isn’t the sky pretty?

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