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Sifting out the secret to growing big ferns.

Ferns and palm trees spell the tropics to everyone, I dream of a garden with huge lush ferns everywhere. I found the secret to growing big ferns on pinterest. Reading the article I learned; ferns like moisture, check, that is’t a surprise; ferns need excellent drainage, most plants do, nothing new; ferns will grow to fill their pots, I never gave that much thought.   I have several many an overwhelming amount of  ferns, 2 types of asparagus ferns, artillery ferns, sword ferns, and Boston ferns I even have fern whose name I don’t know.  I like to grow Bostons in shallow pots, so I looked for larger pots in the shed. All the hanging pots in my stash are too small unless I wanted to divide the ferns. My goal being growing big ferns, not having a bunch of small ferns, I looked for an alternative. Looking around, I ruled out recycling anything I already had.  Sometimes, even I just ...

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