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2013 goals

Resolutions just aren’t my style.  However, the longer I live the more I believe in setting goals. My rules for goal setting are simple. They must be clearly defined,such as lose thirty pound, not lose weight. A time frame needs to be decided, lose thirty pounds in six months. They have to be ambitious but attainable, because even if I don’t lose all thirty pounds I am likely to lose twenty or twenty five even if I quit midstream. So I decided to revisit some of my previous posts and see how I’ve done in the past. Here is my 60 before 60 list, that I posted in May and have since forgotten about. (Note to self, print out list and post where I see it daily). Rereading this list, I some of these need to be re-written, I’ve changed the ink to blue on those. Cleaning out my closet. Go through my drawers, all of them not just clothing ...

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looking forward to 2012

Making New Year’s resolutions is not my thing. I’m more of a five year plan kind of girl. When things are bad, I tell myself, I’ll just do this for five years, then I’ll reevaluate. Five years just seems like the largest chunk of time that I can imagine staying the same. Admittedly one day at a time has been my byword many times in my life too. Anyway, back to the point, I have goals for this year. Number one on my list is to continue getting rid of stuff. I’m mulling over the feasibility of a yard sale. Maybe I can get together with a couple of friends? Paring down my possessions is a  goal, but I haven’t really formulated by how much. I have some kitchen stuff, including a kitchen aid mixer that I hardly ever use. I also have a set of dishes just taking up space. Hand in hand with getting rid of stuff is ...

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My projects

I have been getting terribly behind in my all my projects lately. I am pretty much done with any planting until August, we are going to be gone until February and then there is going to be some construction happening. I have come to the conclusion that the albañil is that gardener’s natural enemy. I have lost so darn many plants to them. I have had escombro (debris) poured on top of my plants, cement dust burn the leaves of plants, and my pots used to mix cement, I have also had workers take naps on top of my plants. So I will have to figure out what to do with my potted plants while the roof is being repaired. Then it will be March and blazing hot, so no gardening for me. Like I said, this is it for awhile, I think. I have some sewing that I would like to do before I go, but I think I ...

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