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sleepy and grouchy

For the last week, I have been sleepy and grouchy. I’m sure it’s the lack of coffee. Ironically, one of the reasons that I decided to cut back was because I couldn’t sleep. However, I didn’t think that I would try to catch up on slumbers in one day. Take yesterday for example, I woke up at 4:30 and managed to stay in bed another hour. The monthly IWC meeting ran over time, but I found myself nodding off at noon! I had planned on doing some shopping on my way home, but asked a friend for a ride instead. However, Husband, had walked downtown to meet me and have lunch. After running a couple of errands, he suggested Las Vigas for lunch. I countered with Madame Cameron because they have a seafood buffet. I figured it would be easy to get a wheat free meal there. Having waited too long to eat, I was grouchy. We opted for the ...

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Scrambled brains

All these blog post ideas are competing for space in my brain. I want to write about my impressions of Mérida after being gone for a month. I want to write about new projects and the fact that my camera seems to be DOA. There’s this mishmash of thoughts competing for space in my mind, so this may be one of my most disorganized blog posts ever, hang on, strap in, Consider it free association without the intellectual challenge of Ulysses (James Joyce not the Greek Odysseus). We went out to dinner last night to celebrate my return home. Husband wanted to go to La Habichuela, but I was lukewarm. I have wanted to go there for years, but somehow I had gotten the impression that it was Spanish cuisine. When I learned that it wasn’t,I lost my enthusiasm, not that the menu isn’t tempting or interesting. We ended up taking a taxi to Slavia, which was nice, intimate and ...

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Feeling the effects

Normally, on a Friday night, Mérida is crowded, at least the downtown surrounding the Plaza de Independencia. Calle 60 is closed to automobiles and the restaurants compete for passerby’s patronage with music, their tables full of revelers eating and drinking. The tables spilling out into the street and dancers taking up what space is left. Last night was different. The restaurants were uniformly empty, while I realize it was still early by Mérida standards, it wasn’t that early. My walk home at around 9 pm also took me past several carriages stationed near the Peón Contreras Opera House where I over heard $100 mxp quoted as the price for a carriage ride. Never before have I heard a tourist being offered a ride for just $100 mxp! Normally they start at $250 and sometimes settle for $200. I wanted to urge the tourists to take it before the driver changed his mind. As I cut across the plaza, I noticed ...

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Read between the lines

Sometimes, just by looking at the signage, you can tell what you are in for. Sometimes, you are wrong. What does that mean “free menu”?Do they believe that other restaurants charge for their menus? Amplio means ample, so why did they chose to translate it as “free”, and breakfast is misspelled on both sides of the sign, which makes me think that it was intentional, or rather whatever copy the sign painter was using had it wrong. I don’t remember the name of this place, but it will be awhile before I forget our wait person. Husband thinks he was a young lad of about 15, I think, maybe, he is correct. Our server was dressed in a hoodie, jeans and had bushy hair and eyeliner. There was pasta verde on the menu. Since the menu also featured pizza, there was the chance that the green might come from pesto. Having had pasta verde where the green came from chile ...

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Not much cooking happening here

I haven´t been cooking the last few days, yesterday, we went to the fish restuarant just south of La Ermita and bought lunch. Actually, we got more than lunch, La Muchacha requested a shrimp cocktail, Husband got one too (they are pretty big and the price is reasonable at $50 for the medium and $30 for the small), we got about a half pint of ceviche mixto for later (it’s $100 a kilo, the container cost $33.00 it was 330 grams) and my lunch was camarones empanizados, breaded shrimp, they were just okay, a little too brown for me. Our friends who live near La Ermita say that the fish is good there too, it’s just that we forget the place is there. Thursday, we went to the movies, the movies are affordable here, $35 pesos on weekdays and matinees. We saw the Golden Compass, it was nothing great, I think you need to read the book to really enjoy ...

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Botanas, Beer and more Botanas

There is a bar familiar, which means a bar you can take the family to, instead of a hard drinking bar for the boys, on the corner of Calle 72 and 69 called La Ruina. The name doesn’t exactly inspire confidence does it? But then again, this is the city where you can have your laundry done at Lavanderia La Fey (the Faith Laundry, do they wash away your sins?) or eat at El Niño Divino Cocina Economica (the Divine Child Economical Kitchen) or even buy nails at Tlapalerìa La Tristesa or is it El Triste (the Sadness or Sad Hardware store)? So why can’t a bar be called the Ruin? I was the third member of our little group to arrive at La Ruina , the various friends of Comadre. I could not believe the quantity of plates already set out and stacked everywhere on the little square table. There was chicharrones with pico de gallo, guacamole, chips, potato ...

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