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I guess it’s working!

Today, my friend, Joanna, published an interview, included in that interview were some photos of my friend Beth and me . I took the liberty of lifting two of her photos. I was totally shocked at how heavy I used to be. While I remember the photo being taken in front of the rose bush at Rosa’s home in Sta Elena, I have to guess that it was taken two years ago. The photo on the right was taken two days ago. Oddly enough I seem to standing in a hole since I am two whole inches taller than Beth! It just goes to show that we really don’t see ourselves. I’ve been feeling frustrated and convinced that I had not really lost any weight. Almost the same pose but in December of 2009, since I still have that top, I slipped it on, stepped outside to have Husband take quick snapshot. I think I should keep that top and periodically ...

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Things Improve

My  blog titles recently sound like chapter headings from a Victorian novel or a silent film. Mr Dog seems much improved, his glands are still swollen but he seems less confused and a bit more coordinated. I changed his food formula to cooked beef liver,  raw carrots, ground flax seed, ground sesame seed, ground sunflower seed and chia seed. I found chia seed at the Comer downstairs in Gran Plaza for $100 pesos a kilo in the bulk bins. I am hoping all the omega 3 and vitamin E will help his recovery. I wish I had a way to confirm my ideas. Also we’ve been grinding up a quarter of a Centrum Silver Vitamin (actually the Kirkland equivalent) and sprinkling it on his morning food  as a suplement, I got that idea from a breeder’s website. This is just a temporary measure, eventually I’ll go back to 1/3 meat, 1/3 veggies and the final 1/3 rice. We’re thinking of ...

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another opportunity for you

  In case you didn’t get a chance to go to the Funky Market at Tacomaya. We’re going to be at the ANNY show this weekend. Not only will the beautiful market bags bags be available, the show has also accepted some other items made by the Santa Elena Sustainable Economic Project too! I’ll be working there on Saturday morning. Some of the people from Santa Elena will also be there both days so you can meet them.

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Psst, wanna buy a market bag?

I’m no stranger to the craft fair circuit, but I thought that I had left that behind me when I moved south.  Monday, November 15th, you will find me and other Friends of Santa Elena selling market bags, wall hangings and a few other things made by the Santa Elena Sustainable Development Project. So please come by and buy a bag! Monday, November the 15th ,at the restaurant TACOMAYA   located in Chelem on the north(beach) side the baseball field. The market will start at 10am till 3pm. It’s the first time for this craft fair, so I don’t know who else is going to be selling or what they are selling but I heard that the fish and chips are really good, so at least come and have lunch with me!    

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Shopping with the girls

I volunteered to help a couple of the ladies from Santa Elena do some shopping for materials. We’re trying out a new idea, wall hangings. Rosita and some of the other ladies do decorative painting.We went from store to store looking for the right fabric. Manta is the first thing I thought of, since it’s so Yucatecan, but it absorbs the paint and requires a coat of sealer.  We started out early, around 9am. Just to keep me on my toes, the other Rosa who sews and crochets came along and we bought more yarn for the glass cozies. These are great gifts and so practical! I’ll be taking some with me when I head NOB. I also bought oil cloth market bags for gifts, made by Rosa and family. Tuesday is usually a good day to go shopping, but today the streets were crowded! School has started and true to form, people were doing their back to school shopping ...

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Light show

We went to Uxmal yesterday with some friends. Uxmal, like many tourist places has a light and sound show which naturally takes place after dark. Having never wanted to brave the 90 minute drive home in the dark we’ve never seen it. Neither had B&J so we made a plan,driving to Santa Elena and staying ovenight at the Pickled Onion . Leaving Merida around noon, we arrived in time for lunch and hanging around the pool. We left the Onion around 7:30 and returned after 9pm. I didn’t realize that I was hungry until we sat down in the restaurant and ordered food. I love the Pickled Onion and adore Valerie Pickles (you can read the interview that Yucatan Living did with her, here). It was perfect. Mr. Dog went to visit his grandparents, he has adopted grandparents who take care of him when we take our infrequent trips).In addition, it was La Muchacha’s day to come and work. We ...

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Santa Elena Sustainable Economic Development Project and me

Joanna wrote a blog post about Santa Elena. You can read it here. In case you are wondering, I’m the one in purple. It seems like I am always the one in the brightest loudest colors. Helping with the Santa Elena Sustainable Economic Development Project doesn’t seem like work to me. I truly like the ladies involved in the project. Rosa, Elizabeth and Rosie all have such wonderful attitudes. They are hard working, intelligent and cheerful people. There is so much potential there! Wednesday, we went shopping with the ladies to buy materials for the oil cloth market bags which are one of the products that they make. I also went with Rosie to buy paints for some wall hangings that we are looking into as a possible new product. Someone graciously donated fabric and it seemed perfect for wall hangings. Rosie asked me about colors, and I said that my taste tends to be brighter and more colorful than ...

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