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Sewing Studio update part 1

My sewing studio update stalled for awhile. I got enough done so I could sew and took a rest.  Six months is probably a little excessive, even bears don’t hibernate that long.  On Monday, I decided to tackle the job again, I decided that I would spend an hour and then stop. An hour seems a manageable and reasonable amount time. Right? I started at 8 am, when I looked up at the clock again, it was noon.  The huge pile of boxes hidden behind my dressing screen got attacked first. Then the mountain of unidentifiable stuff on top of my dresser. This before photo actually doesn’t show the whole mess, but that’s enough so you get the idea. Here is the screen folded up. One of my friends found that screen in the street. It has been covered with various fabrics over the years. I love the Paris upholstery on it right now. That giant garbage bag is full ...

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My studio combination sewing room re-do

  My studio combination sewing room re-do has been underway for what feels like months. It’s no secret that I am otherly organized, easily distracted, okay, okay, messy. My studio started to get out of control back when we had  most the interior walls of the house repainted. I had the brilliant idea to take everything out of the kitchen and only return those things  as I needed them, that way I would weed out the extra and unnecessary items. I gave all the stuff a year to prove that they deserved to stick around. Some of it managed to find it’s way back into the kitchen, quite a lot went to the IWC garage sale, then I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Most of my life went on hold, including this blog and my hundreds of  projects. Our bedroom wall has been half painted for so long it’s now a feature, I doubt that I can match what I originally ...

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