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Going native

We more or less live a middle class Mexican life. Last month when No Tech refused to accept the automatic deposit of Husband’s pension we found out just how little we can live on. I won’t bore you with our new improved credit union’s many shortcomings but suffice to say  when we inquired into the matter, their response was essentially require that we ourselves research the problem. Your Spanish phrase for the day “Me dan mal genio”. Since the demise of the Volvo, our shopping habits have changed. It’s been two years since I wrote Mi Dispensa where I told about my changing attitude towards maintaining a well stocked pantry. One of my friends is of the opinion that you either have to speak Spanish or have money to live well here. Ideally, you have both the language skills and the financial wherewithal. Luckily for us, we both speak Spanish since we are financial refugees from California. I’m happy that ...

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Where did it all go? Look on your back!

Recently, I read that women spend an average of 20% of their income on clothes,to put that in perspective they spend  6% of their income on food. When I worked and lived NOB, I depended on those people. A great deal of the garments they bought ended up in thrift shops and from there into my wardrobe. When I was pondering my closet and lack of stuff to wear, I did research on the net about style. One website totally freaked me out when I read that the poster loved jeans and has over 200 pairs! How do you even keep track of that many pairs of pants? Are there that many styles and types of jeans? Has she never thrown anything out in her life? I have two pairs of jeans and one denim skirt. I am contemplating sewing another denim skirt. I just read an article about a woman in the UK who vowed not to buy clothes ...

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What would you eat if you only had $3(usd) a day to spend on food?

I recently ran across this blog (forum?) called Chowhound, and this series of posts regarding eating well in San Francisco on $3 usd a day. From what I understand, some politicians tried to eat on $3 usd a day and concluded that it couldn’t be done without resorting to junk food. The poster took up the challenge with some great results. Then there was this article in the NY Times that stated that healthy food costs 10 times more than junk food. Wow! I have been pretty poor, and while I admit that my kids loved Ramen, when I finally read the label it stopped being a staple on our table, oh, it made it’s appearance on occasion because it is an easy, tasty and fast lunch. Oops, I got off on a tangent, anyway, there was not a lot of junk food in my house. I find that premise disquieting at best, also I don’t entirely agree. Junk food ...

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