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Looking for paws

Orderly, organized and planned, not the words often used to describe my endevours. Vowing that this project would be different, I started a Pinterest board, titled Dining Room Redo (I’m prone to obvious clever names like that, I also named my gray mare Silver and an orange tom, Rusty). My first stop was Ana White’s amazing website of free and easy building plans, I found a couple of  farmhouse style tables that I liked. Not being certain that they were easy enough, I found this blog post after several hours of wandering the net eventually. It was exactly what I wanted. First order of business was to buy four legs in the appropriate style. Table legs in Spanish are called patas, this actually doesn’t feature into my story, but I thought you might like to know that little tidbit. There is an excellent lumber yard a 100 yards from our home. There I found the perfect turned leg, the price ridiculously ...

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A week in my Mérida life part 2

Monday ended with swimming and hanging out. I don’t remember what the temperature was, just that it was a lovely afternoon. Having been on the pantry diet for awhile (eating what’s in the pantry) we decided to go to Walmart after seeing the chiropractor. Walmart is not my grocery store of choice, Megabalcones is my favorite. However, Walmart is close to Alerfin. Since there really was very little food in the house, we had salad for breakfast. I like salad for breakfast, especially when it’s my multiple choice salad. Greens plus fresh fruit plus seeds or nut plus dried fruit and some sort of cheese. The dressing is usually oil and vinegar. We had romaine,apple,pepitas, dried cranberries and some shredded Italian cheese mix. Having bought some avocado oil at Costco I mixed it with  rice wine vinegar for the dressing. Yum. Leaving home around ten, we walked to the bus stop at C 56 x 59 y 57 looking for ...

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Why is gingham called mascota in Spanish?

Scouring the fabric stores for two hours this afternoon, I finally found what I was looking for, black and white mascota ( mascot or pet is the literal translation ). I have no idea why gingham is called mascota in Spanish. I had shown my daughter the C0501 young girl’s  dress and she liked it. She gave me some ideas on fabrics that she would like. One of her likes was a classic, black and white gingham. Gingham or mascota  is readily available for about $16 a meter or one dollar six cents a yard (at today’s extraordinarily favorable exchange rate of 14 to 1). Unfortunately, it’s a crummy synthetic fabric that feels like nylon to me. Wanting a quality fabric,preferably one made of cotton, I headed to the basement.El Gran Chapur has a very nice selection of fabrics in the basement of their centro location. The fabrics there are lovely, lots of cottons, tropical weight wool and linen and ...

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How things have changed

Living here close on eight years we’ve seen a lot of changes. Most of the changes have been superficial. Lots of clean up and sprucing up of the city, La Ermita, San Sebastián, La Plaza de La Independencia have all had face lifts. New stores have come in Pacsadeli comes to mind first, then Superama. Chedraui Itzaes (where we do the bulk of our shopping) got cleaned up when Bodega  Aurrera  opened a store on  Avenida Itzaes. Costco, Sam’s Club,Home and Office Depot  were already here before us. We remember when Gran Plaza Mall was the modern place to shop, now there’s City Center, Las Galerias and of course, Alta Brisa. I’m sure that I am leaving out some other mall but I don’t get out much. Star Medica arrived, so Clinica de Mérida got a face lift to compete with them. Mérida also is now home to the Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad de la Península de Yucatán. Medical ...

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Orange you glad I made a muslin first?

Several years ago, still suffering from a bad case of “I live in Mexico”, I bought several yards of black and orange fabric. Or rather several yards of black fabric and several yards of orange. I have no idea where the black has gotten off to, but the orange did star in a role as a table cloth some years back. My understanding is that Tangerine Tango is the Pantone color of the year for 2012, so maybe I was just too avant garde? Either way, the fabric has been languishing in my stash and I’ve finally found a use for it. I’m using it for the muslin for my version of the EO162 skirt Blatantly ignoring my vow to only use stash fabric for this project, I bought 3 meters of Lino Panama in a pale blush color that looks great with my coral fabric. I still have several yards remaining, even though I used it in my Time ...

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sleepy and grouchy

For the last week, I have been sleepy and grouchy. I’m sure it’s the lack of coffee. Ironically, one of the reasons that I decided to cut back was because I couldn’t sleep. However, I didn’t think that I would try to catch up on slumbers in one day. Take yesterday for example, I woke up at 4:30 and managed to stay in bed another hour. The monthly IWC meeting ran over time, but I found myself nodding off at noon! I had planned on doing some shopping on my way home, but asked a friend for a ride instead. However, Husband, had walked downtown to meet me and have lunch. After running a couple of errands, he suggested Las Vigas for lunch. I countered with Madame Cameron because they have a seafood buffet. I figured it would be easy to get a wheat free meal there. Having waited too long to eat, I was grouchy. We opted for the ...

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Beads as a metaphor

No posts for 6 days and now two, one right after the other! The opportunity arose for me to have stuff from NOB brought to me. I went to various websites to look at beads, thread and various other good readily available to the NOB beader. The way I do mail order is to select any and everything that is appealing to me and then weed out the non-essentials. I wanted size 15 beads, small seed beads that I haven’t found in Mérida, which are used in many of the patterns that I have. I wanted nymo beading thread, which is basically upholstery thread but it comes in bobbins and a variety of sizes. I wanted size 8 beads, which are seed beads that are larger than the size 11 normally found here but smaller than the size 6 commonly found here. I find size 8’s occasionally but there isn’t the variety that I would like. I totaled up the ...

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Imagine that?

“Imagine that” is what my son’s father would say when confronted with evidence that he was mistaken. According to my friend, Lin I am pretty much assimilated! We were talking about it in the pool this morning. Her points were that I speak Spanish I shop in the local stores I eat local food, including using Mexican brands I have friends who are Mexican who don’t speak English I don’t live in Gringo Gulch I think that there were a few more things, but off hand I can’t remember them. My post yesterday was meant to be a longer one but there were a few power outages so ni modo, I published what I had already written. The longer I live here the more comfortable I am. When we first moved here, walking downtown was sometimes overwhelming. The crowds of people, the games of chicken with opposing walkers, and the general noise levels. Due to enforcement of noise pollution laws, ...

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What would you eat if you only had $3(usd) a day to spend on food?

I recently ran across this blog (forum?) called Chowhound, and this series of posts regarding eating well in San Francisco on $3 usd a day. From what I understand, some politicians tried to eat on $3 usd a day and concluded that it couldn’t be done without resorting to junk food. The poster took up the challenge with some great results. Then there was this article in the NY Times that stated that healthy food costs 10 times more than junk food. Wow! I have been pretty poor, and while I admit that my kids loved Ramen, when I finally read the label it stopped being a staple on our table, oh, it made it’s appearance on occasion because it is an easy, tasty and fast lunch. Oops, I got off on a tangent, anyway, there was not a lot of junk food in my house. I find that premise disquieting at best, also I don’t entirely agree. Junk food ...

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The Mercado Galvez revealed

People were stopping me and asking me if we were lost this morning. I also had several people ask me where I was from. And then it dawned on me, I was walking around with a camera around my neck. Our trip to the mercado was by a round about route, since we also wanted to stop at some other shops. This is a store outside the Mercado that specialized in cheese and deli meats. If you click on the photos you can make out the prices. The clerk behind the counter waves and smiled when he saw me taking a photo. This is the Mercado Galvez, the old Mercado. It was supposed to close and be replaced by the new Mercado Benito Juarez, but instead we have 2 mercados side by side. In the foreground are chiles. The little bags contain chopped veggies all ready for soup. I love the plastic shopping bags that you can buy in the ...

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