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The Monkey in the cage said,”hello”

I was looking at some old short stories that I had written and I found this very very short one. I really like it so I thought I would share.    The monkey in the cage said, “Hello.” I pretended not to hear anything. It wasn’t my monkey, and I certainly didn’t want it on my back. For years I had been providing a taxi service for other people’s monkeys, taking on their problems and trying to solve them. I’m not insensitive to its plight, its bad habits, and addictions. I almost reached into my pocket to hand it a comb. The monkey’s hair was matted, but I knew that soon I would be combing, picking lice, and grooming the monkey rather than letting it take care of itself. Monkeys don’t need combs, they need to be free. The cage was open, all the monkey had to do was step out and join his fellow monkeys. No, I wouldn’t be ...

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Tzeitel & Eliza

Here is a story that I wrote for the writer’s group. The assignment was to describe the meeting between two fictional or historical characters. They didn’t need to ever have met.   Tzeitel & Eliza New York, America. Her family was there, Momma, Poppa and her two younger sisters. Motel, her husband, had promised that they would join them as soon as possible. It seemed that their journey would be taking longer than expected. From Russia, after a stop in Germany, they had found their way to London. Just one boat ride away from the fabled land of America. Tzeitel didn’t want to leave London, not even for the golden shores of America. When she had begged not to marry Lazar Wolf, the butcher, her father had told her “It seems that you are not fated to be a rich woman”, but she was a happy one. Even working made her happy, instead of raising chickens and milking the cows, ...

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