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Shrug is not always a verb

Remember the $10 ( that’s about seventy-five cents those of you still thinking in dollars) tank tops that I bought for Tuafor?  Adapting the directions that I found on Cut out and Keep, I made a shrug for Tuafor. One of my favorite things about this shrug is that I incorporated a pair of lace sleeves that I saved from one of my tops.While I was removing the lace trim on a nylon top that had wasn’t worth saving I decided to save the sleeves too. I’ve been trying to temper this tendency of mine to hoard scraps. Saving lace trim didn’t seem too outrageous but I felt a little guilty about the sleeves. They sat on the end table for a few days while I argued with myself about keeping them. While hacking apart the tank top, inspiration struck! The shrug needed sleeves, the brown looked good next to the burgundy tank top, it all came together with the ...

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