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Read between the lines

Sometimes, just by looking at the signage, you can tell what you are in for. Sometimes, you are wrong. What does that mean “free menu”?Do they believe that other restaurants charge for their menus? Amplio means ample, so why did they chose to translate it as “free”, and breakfast is misspelled on both sides of the sign, which makes me think that it was intentional, or rather whatever copy the sign painter was using had it wrong. I don’t remember the name of this place, but it will be awhile before I forget our wait person. Husband thinks he was a young lad of about 15, I think, maybe, he is correct. Our server was dressed in a hoodie, jeans and had bushy hair and eyeliner. There was pasta verde on the menu. Since the menu also featured pizza, there was the chance that the green might come from pesto. Having had pasta verde where the green came from chile ...

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