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slow as molasses

I don’t know what is slower, our internet connection, my operating system (windows) or my little laptop (acer). I have a new faster better laptop, but this one fits better on my lap. Watching The Big Bang Theory I was struck by how much technology I don’t use. Sheldon was trying to contact Amy. He said he IM’d her, tweeted her, emailed her and some other stuff that I didn’t catch. I email and blog that’s about it for me. I have a facebook account with 10 friends, 8 of which are family members. I never update my status because it doesn’t make sense to me. I do upload the occasional photo, but mostly I use it to see photos of my grandchildren. Oh, I have skype. I like skype, it gives me the illusion that my kids might call me. Though I have learned that phones calls only go out of Mexico very seldom into Mexico. Admittedly, my comadre ...

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It boogles my mind sometimes

Going against my wishes, Husband bought me a Kindle. He was right, I did really want one, I just didn’t know it. Instead of writing I have been reading. Embracing new technologies is not my thing, I have Luddite tendencies. When Apple came out and Microsoft invented Windows to compete with the new easier operating system, I clung to barefoot DOS. All those icons seemed ridiculous when all you had to do was type a short script at the prompt. Nowadays, I can hardly remember any of those commands. In my defense, Windows did take a long time to do anything and was really expensive. My dumb terminal and 300 baud modem were as modern as I wanted to be. 300 baud was a great speed for me, I prided myself on being able to read each new line as it scrolled on the screen. Now, I get frustrated when my connection doesn’t bring up a complete web page in ...

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Lazy days and ramblings

I spent this morning at MELL, it was great. I checked out Stranger in a Strange Land, it’s been ages since I read it. I just reread Revolt in 2100, which reminded me of how much I like Robert A. Heinlein. While I was there I indulged my penchant for magazines, skimming back issues of Sunset, Home and Garden and some others. I blogged a bit about that in This is for Fned. I am over my malaise.Except for sending out some emails. I still haven’t gotten cracking on the Blogger meet up for 2009 I did some work on the garden and need to take some photos. I planted a really pretty Ixora, it’s coral coloured! There are a few things in bloom so if I am going to taunt the snowbound, the time is now! Later, while all the nob gardens are blooming mine will be wilting from the heat and humidity. I also have an ambitious jewelry ...

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