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The Opera and the 1 hour dress

Thursday, on a whim, I purchased tickets to the opening night of The Marriage of Figero. One of the things I love about living in Merida, is the availability of culture. There is a symphony, both the Russian and Cuban Ballet have performed here, there are lots of museums, and there are art galleries. Admittedly, I don’t attend all those things, but I like being around the people who do. Occasionally, Husband and I will go to the symphony, I’ve been to a couple of string recitals,and we periodically do other cultural things. Now that I have my INAPAM card, I’m eligible for all sorts of discounts, including a 25% one on opera tickets. For less than twenty dollars each, my friend, Carol and I sat in heaven. The 3rd row balcony seats in the newly refurbished Peon Contreras Opera House. Opening night was yesterday, after spending the morning at the Hospital O’Horan (I’ve enrolled in Seguro Popular, but this ...

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Debi and Tom are heading back NOB, several of our friends and acquaintances have done the same over the years. Others are in the process of moving away. Why does it seem especially poignant when someone repatriates (returns to their home country)? In our fluid society, people move all the time. The average American moves 12 times in their life, according to the U.S. Census Bureau- I’ve used up someone else’s moves because I’ve moved too many times to count (I’ve lived in 5 states and 3 countries)- just in California, I’ve moved over 12 times! Every move had a reason behind it, fire, flood, marriage, divorce, buying a house, selling a house, and because the people I lived with moved. South of Zero, a blog about moving to Ecuador, wrote Why Are So Many Expats Leaving Ecuador? which pretty much covers the reasons people give. What no one seems to talk about is that sometimes people just like to move ...

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Five kilos of onions

When the call went out from the IWC for people to chop onions for the I emailed and volunteered. I like projects with a concrete goal. Plus I have some experience in the onion chopping department, and more importantly, I own a Cuisinart food processor. I chopped 3 kilos of onions for the MEL chili cook off earlier this year. I won’t have to do it alone, one of my friends called last night and offered to help. The plan? Meet on Monday afternoon and chop 4 kilos of white onions, put them in gallon baggies. Slice one kilo of red onions. I also have a mandolin. I don’t think we’ll drink anything stronger than tea, but we will have fun.I am a fan of activity based socializing. Last year’s picnic was great fun. The location is perfect. The music is good. Joanna and Debi both have more information on their blog. I was going to include photos from last ...

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Ya’ll come! Book Signing! March 13th!

I got so deep into my mope that I forgot about some exciting news! The Merida Writers’ Group is having a book signing at the beach! Our Yucatan: Tales and Poems, Mostly True, But Laced With Artistic License , will be available at a special price of $120 mxn (normally $150mxn). I hope that you will come to say hello and buy a copy or two of our book. It’s a perfect present to take back to your pet sitter, in-laws and who ever else you want to buy a gift. In this case, one size does fit all and since it’s an anthology there is a story for everyone’s tastes. “This book is sure to become a classic !” – C.M. Mayo BOOK SIGNING MEET THE AUTHORS WEDNESDAY,MAR. 13, 1 TO 3 PM COSTA BRAVA CONDOS CALLE 19 #194, CHICXULUB INFO: lg5050 at hotmail dot com Go into Progresso heading toward the malecon. At Calle 27, turn right and ...

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A cup, two golden wands, and a package of hotdogs

“Mexico is always unexpected” is how Husband describes living here. You can get used to living here, when I hear drummers I know that sometimes it’s a parade or sometimes it’s a bunch of guys in the back of a pick up truck. You can tell by the beat, I no longer run out if I suspect that it’s the pick up truck band. Not because I am jaded but because I know that they will be down the street before I get out the door. We still rush to provide an audience when a soprano chanting the Hail Mary loudly, the vibrato in her overly amplified voice caused by a primitive looking megaphone strapped to the top of an ancient primer gray station wagon fills the air. I can tell apart the noises that proclaim a real parade from the cacophony of strident trumpet and drum beat of the Chiapan troupe, who we’ve learned to tip so they will ...

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Just do it !

Remember that motto? Just do it! I think it was a Nike campaign slogan. According to a book that I am reading,Surprisingly…Unstuck: Rewire your brain to exercise more, eat right, and truly enjoy doing so., it doesn’t exactly work that way. Maria Brilaki’s book teaches you how to go about making changes, she goes into the types of changes and what sort of results each one returns. The biggest bang for your buck comes from radical change, which is the most difficult to achieve. She gives an alternate strategy, but this post isn’t about that, her book explains her method much better than I ever could. The other day, I was listening to another person complain about the nebulous they who don’t try to learn Spanish. She was rather contemptuous of those people. While I didn’t exactly take her to task, I did put forward my needs must theory of language acquisition,  in other words, I think that unless you are ...

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Bonding with friends

  Barb who writes From the Snow to Mexico to keep her friends updated on their Mexico adventures is blogging again. That means that she and her husband, Mr.B,  are in Progreso soaking up some sun. Barb and I are kindred souls, not really extroverted but not totally introverted, interested in crafts and the world around us, but not really wanting to always be in the thick of things. We made plans to meet up at the Galerias Mall to watch the new James Bond movie. Husband and I walked downtown where we grabbed a taxi. We jumped into the ratty backseat, quickly giving up on a search for seatbelts and settled in. We started chatting about the sorts of things married couples talk about.The odd thump coming from under the taxi or maybe the trunk, was stealing my focus from our conversation when  suddenly Husband exclaimed “Where are we going?”, he wasn’t having an Alzheimer moment, the driver was ...

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A tale of two tailors

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. BK and I planned our costumes well in advance of the second annual IWC Halloween party. Rightly or wrongly, we feel we have reputations to uphold after last year. That and we just really like to dress up. Our costume criteria this year was to use as much stuff that we had on hand as possible,the costume needed to be cool, comfortable and quickly constructed. I also wanted a costume that didn’t require hair (i.e. a wig). Also, while BK’s husband is less introverted than Husband, we had guidelines for his costume too, comfort being a priority. After discussing it and looking at the fabric stash, we decided to go with Cleopatra and Marc Anthony for BK and JK, a classic couple’s costume if there ever was one. I went as Nefertiti. Sometime last year, in a fit of misguided enthusiasm, BK and I had gone in on some knit fabrics.Lured by the ...

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A typical week in Merida

Being that today is Thursday, this will really be an abbreviated week, but still fairly typical for us. Normally on Mondays I go to my crafts group from 10 am to noon, the location varies as we take turns hosting. This week, I did something else, Husband and I attended a small gathering honoring one of our friends. Since it was being held downtown, we planned on walking,stopping at the pharmacy on the way. The offer of a ride changed our plans. We are nothing if not flexible. Feeling peckish after the gathering, we decided to have an early lunch. Like most expat gatherings,there were cookies and soda available but we refrained. Husband used to have a big sugar jones, but he wasn’t tempted by the homemade cookies where before he would have consumed his share happily. The German restaurant, La Bier Haus has opened a location on Calle 62 x 57 y 59, we’ve been talking about checking it ...

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Partying til dawn

Partying ‘til dawn is a very Mexican thing,I only made it until 11:30 at the Time Travelers’ Ball. Seizing the opportunity to wear my pink mules that I bought in Ticul for $100 pesos or maybe it was $50, anyway, an incredible bargain for dress up shoes that didn’t match anything that I owned at the time, and rocking some matching polish on the toes I was all set to boogey all night. Around 10 pm my knees started protesting and I switched to chanclas (flip flops), cute dressy chanclas however. Here are some shots of my fellow party goers. Even though I have started remembering to bring along my camera, I’m not much of photographer.I apologize to everyone who I caught with their eyes closed. For some reason I can’t get the photos correct. I think it may because I uploaded them as a group rather than one at a time.     This is the silent auction table ...

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