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Hustle bustle to get ready

The Time Travelers’ Ball is this weekend. Today is the last day to get tickets.Tuesday, I went out in my underwear to see if I could sell some tickets to the general public. Not that I would have gotten arrested for indecent exposure. I had on a pair of old bloomers and petticoat from my Dickens’ Fair days and my princess line slip, right side out this time, underneath my 1860s corset. Generally my corsets are pretty plain, since I wanted to attract some attention, I decorated it so it would match my hat. This hat used to be black, but I recovered it in red.  The pattern is from Denise Dreher’s excellent book, From the Neck Up. It’s being worn by a tiny lamp in the photo. Having  lent it to a friend for a hat contest, I can’t take a  photo of it on my head. Anyway, it looked good with the red and black stripes I put ...

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Too much sun

Running errands after my painting class is not one of my brightest moves. On the one hand, it’s easy to catch the 66 Iberica bus to C 57 x 56 y 58, on the other hand, 2:00 is bad time to be out and about in the Yucatan sun. One of my last stops on the way home was the bank. Calle 65 x 62 y 64 has several banks located on it. The bank we usually use is the north side of the street, the atm machine inside an air conditioned chamber. Normally, we do our banking early in the morning, today, I arrived around three. Which is why I found myself on the south facing slowly baking wall in a long line wondering why I decided to get money on the quincena. I comforted myself with thinking since it was payday,the ATMs would have lots of cash available. Poor planning all around. Arriving home hungry and crabby, I ...

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Let the swimming begin!

As the snowbirds start to fly north, a young(ish) ex-pat’s fancy turns to thoughts of bathing suits and swimming. Yesterday was a beautiful day, the first day warm enough to actually swim. Warm enough to swim means that the water was bearable to those of us not belonging to the polar bear club. I think it was 96 degrees yesterday, and the humidity was a dry 26%, just perfect for a dip. Attending the Slow Foods’ Saturday Market in the morning, where we bought lovely greens and even lovelier cheeses was a great way to begin the day. Since the ayuntamento has moved some bus stops to Calle 66 during their renovation of Centro, travel sans car has been even easier. The 72 Reforma bus hadn’t arrived yet, so we crossed the street and waited in the shade with the rest of the people. You can tell who is acclimated to more than just the climate by where they chose ...

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We are all travelers in time

Chairing the IWC’s first Time Travelers’ Ball  (TTB) has been interesting and fun. However, we need to sell some more tickets.  I think some people may be frightened by the theme.  There is nothing to fear. It’s the easiest costume ever. The hardest part is choosing. Waxing philosophical at the February meeting, I blurted out “We’re all travelers in time”. Rather than getting too metaphysical, we are always physically moving forward in time and mentally moving backward through our memories. I’m sure everyone has their favorite decade. I was pretty hot stuff in the 70s and 80s,if I wasn’t such a historical costume nut, I’d pick those eras. Half-joking, I said something about a silver jiffy pop dress that is hanging in someone’s closet would be perfect for the TTB if you came from the future. Or maybe a Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy bikini? A lovely piece of Hawaiian print would make a sarong, or a white fabric for a ...

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Let’s make this go viral!

l Let’s make this video go viral! Tickets available at Hennessy’s Irish Pub for Mérida’s first (as far as we know) Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre,Murder in Mérida: Love Kills!

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How do I spend my time?

Naming my blog was easy. Often when people learn that we live full time in a foreign country, they ask “What do you do all day?”. It seems like most people have this concept of retirement as a boring existence without the stimulus that work provides. Maybe these people have jobs that they loved, getting up every morning excited and eager looking forward to their day. While I have seldom had jobs that I hated, I don’t remember being eager to head off to work. Having had craft businesses, I decided that I’d rather work  to provide money to fund my hobbies. I have too many interests and hobbies to want to just do one thing forever. That way I could dabble, makes hats , crochet or sew for awhile then do something new. My list of hobbies is legion, it’s easier to say “I don’t tat” than to list what I do. However, much of my daily life in ...

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Eating and socializing,the expat life

After the IWC meeting, BK and I went to out to lunch. Having a short window of time, BK suggested BK (Burger King). Even though she eats more SAD (standard American diet) foods than me, BK is thin and healthy looking. We ended up at MacDonalds on Paseo in the Chedraui plaza, because we wanted to check out the costume store nearby.I’m always overwhelmed by the menu in those fast food places. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten fast food NOB, but the restaurants here just feature combos on those giant menu boards. I didn’t want soda or a full package of fries. So I did something totally against my nature. I asked the counter person if I could get just a burger and a bottle of water? Receiving an affirmative answer further emboldened me. I asked if it was possible to get a Big Mac without bread? Adding with a smile, “I know it’s a bit odd. ...

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It’s Wild! Definitely more NOT less!

Normally, I don’t lack for words. However, It’s Wild-more or less, was stunning. I don’t really give photography much thought. Maybe I just haven’t been exposed to really good works? Husband and I walked to the Peon Contreras, arriving a little early for the 9 pm inauguration of the exhibit.  We went inside the opera house, which was dim and mostly unoccupied, except for a  bored security guard at the front desk, who was more interested in chatting with his two friends than dealing with us. Looking blank at first, he told us to go down the side street past the restaurant. Fortunately, there is a sign on the door. We were able to see most of the prints before the official opening, which was nice. I want to go back and look again. The gallery quickly filled up as it got closer to the official opening time. After the welcoming speeches in Spanish and English, the ribbon was cut, ...

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Soldiering on

image courtesy  Joanna van der Gracht Rosado Adelita is the nickname that was given to the  women who fought in the Mexican revolution. I dressed up as one for the Grito party, Joanna gave in September. The Adelita is a powerful symbol, a strong woman, combination soldier, camp follower, nurse, often carrying a baby on her back alongside her rifle. Darstellung zweier Soldaderas image courtesy Wikipedia Deutsch Carrying on my La Calavera Catrina theme, this week’s painting combined an iconic image of an two Adelitas that I found on Wikipedia’s German Language Edition, with a calavera catrina. Spanish spellings seem to be variable because I have seen the word written as canterina, catrina and catarina, today, I am using catrina. Tomorrow? Who nows? For now I have separated the two companions. I am planning on painting the remaining Adelita next week and perhaps the two together after that.  

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Swans and fish

The IWC meeting today was fun, lots of interesting information, several new SIGs (special interest groups) and interesting guests. There was a reading by a couple of members of Merida’s new little theatre group. They also did  a casting call. Since my plate isn’t totally full, I am going to thinking of auditioning. Sylvia Ponce de Leon, Director of Culture / Marketing Manager of Yucatan Times attended too, they are having a launch of their print edition in April. I forgot the date but it sounds like a fun event. Good thing I don’t even pretend to know what is going on around me. Though I am a bit annoyed to learn that I somehow missed all the giant billboards around town announcing the free performance of Swan Lake by the Cuban Ballet, last Thursday night. There is another performance on Saturday at Dzibilchaltun, so if I can score some tickets we are planning on going.Just us and 3000 other ...

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