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Oh, you know, because I am so bored, and have nothing else to do…

Mexico’s Bicentennial is this year, September 15th. One of my friends is having a big celebration and it’s a costume party! Another one of my friends designated me her costume designer for the event. I of course, said yes. Breaking one of my cardinal rules, I do not sew for people unless I gave birth to them, or in the case of NFN (gave birth to her mom).It will be fun, I have several months to think about it. I may want to go as the Empress Carlota, that would be fun. I love this dress and it’s my favorite time period. But, that is a little bizarre since the revolution was against them…there are other options. I did threaten to make her a rumbera or bata Cubana. Mostly because I really love all the ruffles and I think she could pull it off. Maybe for Carnival? Wouldn’t that be fun? I like the China Poblana a lot and it ...

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avoidance behavior

I have been avoiding the computer. During the morning I have stuff that I would rather do when it’s cool outside. Also I have been working on a new project which is taking a lot of my time.My life has been interesting lately, Friday, was la Maestra’s birthday and she had a party. Unlike most of the social activities that I normally get invites to, this one was mostly in Spanish. To my utter amazement, I hardly spoke any English while I was there, and it was easy! Of course, we didn’t discuss politics or philosophy or physics, just chit chat. From there I went to a gallery opening. I never think of myself as being social so I was amazed that I knew quite a few people who were attending. The art was fabulous, there were a few pieces that I would have bought if my circumstances had let me.The real change in my circumstances is that I am ...

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We had a very varied day yesterday. My co-madre hadn’t been well. She asked me on Monday me to check up on her Tuesday morning . Husband and I stopped by rather than call. She was under the weather but nothing too drastic. Wednesday was spent rearranging furniture and doing chores, at dinner time I realized I hadn’t talked to her all day. Taking my cell phone out of my purse I noticed that she had called me mid-day. I phoned her, no answer. Wednesday is two for one day at the movies, so I assumed that she was now at the movies and had called earlier to see if I was interested.Thursday morning early, I rang her,no answer. Husband and I drove to her house (I have a key). It was odd, everything looked like the maid had just left (unlikely at 9am) and Chicafeliz’s bicycle was there. I tried her cellphone again and heard it ringing in the ...

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Wrapping it all up!

I am wrapping up my projects! I finally finished the hats and scarves for Warm Hands, Warm Hearts. Yesterday, my friend Beth and I made a new duct tape double for me (no, you cannot see her until I put clothes on her!). Friday,we had the wrap up meeting for the IWC fashion show. We met at a bar familiar and had drinks and botanas, a nice outing for all.Hip! Hip!Huzzah! We are now on to new things.Today we are heading out to the State Fair with La Muchacha y su hija. I am charging batteries for my camera even as I write.Last Friday, we (Husband, Chicafeliz and I) headed out to Chelem for the Yolisto meetup. Wow! There were a lot of people there, we hung out for awhile, but it was too cold and our food never did arrive so we went home to warmer houses and quesadillas. I did get a chance to talk to one of ...

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More from the Fashion Show

My friend and neighbor Lin did a great post on the IWC Fashion show entitled Hats and Fashion, she said it all so well that all I am going to add are some photos . In the foreground are some of the infamous pumpkins and candle holders, we also decorated the candles with ribbon. Lin designed and crafted the matsThere is quite a variety of hats in these photos. Everyone is having a good time! Most of my photos from inside the gallery are blurred but here is one of the several men who entered into the spirit of things. Feather were popular on hats, here are two IWC members hamming it up for the camera. Here is one last look at the cocktail party.

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IWC Fashion Show

We’re off to do some sight seeing but here are some random shots from the Fashion Show. The cocktail party was held in the parking lot, took a few before and afters…..The lovely lady on the runway is our own Debi from Debi in Mérida. Sorry about the blurriness. Don’t worry there is more to come!

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An Autumn Evening

Una Noche en Otoño (An Autumn Evening) is the name of the IWC fashion show that I have been writing about. I just realized that I never shared the particulars with you*. The show features the original designs of Martín Lòpez, who also owns the boutique Sasha.The show and cocktail party preceding the show are being held at Galería La Luz located in front of the parque de Santa Ana. Just show your tickets to attendant for free parking (look for the sign saying fashion show parking). If you are walking or taking a taxi still enter through the parking lot. Trust me, even the parking lot is beautiful.There will be cocktails and brochettes from 4:30 to 6:30 under tents behind the galley just beyond the parking lot. The specialty of the caterer is fruit martinis and margaritas, I understand that the tamarind margaritas are just yummy. If you don’t drink alcohol you can opt for a virgin margarita or ...

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Keeping busy

We haven’t been sitting around on our hands waiting for Martín to call. It isn’t that big a deal not having a car here. We’ve been walking, taking buses and taxis. In fact, we probably wouldn’t have brought ours if it hadn’t been for Mr. Dog and not wanting to crate him. The vet will pick up and deliver if we need him to, or do house calls. Yes, doctors and veterinarians do house calls here, heck even the pharmacy delivers! We figure the car costs us around $20 mxp a day just sitting there,so if money ever got tight, the car would go, I’d rather have La Muchacha come twice a week than own a car. One must simply keep their priorities straight!Last Wednesday, we attended a tango exhibition at the Teatro Peon Contreras, the interior has 1908 as the date it was built and the exterior 1907. The seating, we were informed, is in the classic Italian opera ...

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Bindis, Kefir and Ghee, oh my!

Today was so fun! If you check your notes you will see that I was invited to attend a class on Indian Cooking. Originally, the class was only going to be around four people plus the instructor. There were 8 of us students there, we were a little snug in the kitchen but it was just fine.We arrived late, mostly due to getting lost, Centro is laid out on a grid, even numbered streets go north and south and odd numbers go east and west. Most streets are one way since they are fairly narrow. Some of the streets date from the horse and carriage days, for example Calle 64A used to the be Camino Real (royal road) from Mérida to Campeche.There is a plaque on the wall near the San Juan Arch which I think dates back to the 1500s. When you get out into the fraccionamientos (subdivisions) or colonias (suburbs) any semblance of order is lost. We were ...

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I love the idea of Carnaval. I think that I will see all sorts of people wearing cool costumes and having a good time. Like Halloween on steroids. Sadly, there aren’t many amatuer costumes around, there are little children in cute get-ups but not too many adults. But that doesn’t stop the good times, people are excited and happy to be out. The professional costumes are fabulous,enough glitter and feathers for a year’s worth of Las Vegas revues.Jonna and I met at the zocalo Saturday night (which actually most native Meridians don’t call the zocalo but the plaza grande) at 5:30pm, we had agreed to meet at 6:00pm but we were both early. So maybe we aren’t as acclimatized as we thought? The parade started at the Monument of the Bandera at 7pm and finally reached us at 8:30. So we amused ourselves by cruising the food stands. There were 7 identical deep fried hotdog stands in row. I once ...

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