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Yucatàn show your teeth!

There was the TGIF get together (gringo social) at Fiesta Americana last night, and there was a benefit concert for APIS (the abused women’s shelter), we didn’t go to either of them but we did go on Saturday to The Third Fair of Flower-Growing and Green Housing of State of Yucatan which is what the email I received from the IWC called it. I am assuming that it is a literal translation from a more elegant Spanish title. English and Spanish suffer when they are translated literally. When we go to a restaurant and they have a choice between a menu in Spanish and one in English, I always opt for the Spanish one, it’s easier than trying to figure out what they are trying to say. (Just for the record,many years ago I complained to the manager of our local Bank of America “the wording of that sign into is so poor that it’s insulting, you either don’t care ...

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Mariachis until Midnight

Our neighbors have friend visiting from NOB (north of the border), so what is more welcoming than Mariachis? I took a few pictures but most didn’t come out due to lighting issues. Even though this couple have only been here since July, they are already a part of our neighborhood, with kids streaming in and out of their house. The key is that they aren’t shy, or if they were when they came they’ve overcome it. None of them spoke Spanish before coming here, the little boy is probably going to be fluent in a matter of months, he has a Yucatecan buddy and they talk back and forth. The young girl is in school, she also takes Spanish lessons just like the adults, she also has a special friend to play with. Since this couple came our next door neighbor, little Katita (semi-adopted grandchild, she won my husband’s heart when she told him “I am going to visit my ...

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Botanas, Beer and more Botanas

There is a bar familiar, which means a bar you can take the family to, instead of a hard drinking bar for the boys, on the corner of Calle 72 and 69 called La Ruina. The name doesn’t exactly inspire confidence does it? But then again, this is the city where you can have your laundry done at Lavanderia La Fey (the Faith Laundry, do they wash away your sins?) or eat at El Niño Divino Cocina Economica (the Divine Child Economical Kitchen) or even buy nails at Tlapalerìa La Tristesa or is it El Triste (the Sadness or Sad Hardware store)? So why can’t a bar be called the Ruin? I was the third member of our little group to arrive at La Ruina , the various friends of Comadre. I could not believe the quantity of plates already set out and stacked everywhere on the little square table. There was chicharrones with pico de gallo, guacamole, chips, potato ...

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My Comadre

My Comadre arrived yesterday for a whirlwind visit. She is a whirlwind anyway, or maybe a windmill because she generates fun and excitement everywhere she goes.l love that term, comadre, I have been led to believe it means best friend but closer than that, one of those terms that doesn’t exactly translate.I went to her house to help her with some curtains, but mostly to visit and catch up. In this age of computers and email, we send notes back and forth regularly, but it isn’t the same as actually talking. Since she is only staying a few days she brought a small overnight bag, she after all has a house here. She also brought 2 big suitcases of stuff, Santa Claus could take lessons from Comadre. I got my keyboard and an armband AM/FM radio for la muchacha. But the fun was seeing what other people had asked for, things that I had forgotten about macadamia nuts, spices and ...

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Coffee with the Girls

Today was the monthly IWC coffee. I usually don’t go to the coffees, but my neighbor called and asked me if I was going. I decided to go this time. So we shared a cab with a third friend and off we went. The cab ride,by the way, was 20 pesos for about a 15 minute ride. It was almost as cheap as taking a bus and more convenient! Actually, since the buses all terminate at Centro and we live south of Centro and we were going east of Centro, it was actually cheaper. The bus recently went up to 5 pesos, and there are no transfers, so if you change buses it’s another $5. So we saved 10 pesos. The different social events that the club has are always nice, there is a coffee, a breakfast at a hotel and a tea, so every week there is something to do if you want. And the last Saturday of the ...

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Don’t cry for me Argentina

Oh, my, I am still full from last night. I think the word is replete, or maybe gorged,One thing about being retired there are plenty of of opportunities for socializing. Normally, we go out maybe once a month, but November is the start of Snowbird season, and we seem to be celebrating.We know a fun couple who are snowbirds, but with a twist, they summer in a cooler part of Mexico and winter in Mèrida. And as I said, Snowbird season has begun, and they have returned from the Land of Eternal Spring . My husband observed that when we were researching places to live, many places in Mexico called themselves The Land of Eternal Spring, Mèrida did not.The Yucatan is known for it’s pork, wonderful pork, the best there is. The beef is another thing altogether, I think it’s because the cattle here are Zebu or Brahma or crosses of those breeds, not the heavily muscled corn fed Angus ...

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Social Friday

Last night was a very busy one in the Merida social scene. We live a block or two from La Ermita de Santa Isabel, which is often prefaced with the words the beautiful. The ayuntamento (city government) is after tourist income in a big way, and part of the master plan is to make The beautiful La Ermita de Santa Isabel more of cultural center. Yesterday, there was the kick-off festival for the Day of the Dead. In Merida, we like to celebrate, celebrate early and often. So around 4pm the traffic on our already busy street started to stagnate. To add to the festive air, many drivers joyously used their claxons. It’s amazing the range of noise that car horns offer. I missed the festival because last night was also the IWC’s anniversary party. The IWC is the Merida International Women’s Club. While our car idled it’s way toward La Ermita, we were passed by many pedestrians and bicyclists, ...

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