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Where did it all go? Look on your back!

Recently, I read that women spend an average of 20% of their income on clothes,to put that in perspective they spend  6% of their income on food. When I worked and lived NOB, I depended on those people. A great deal of the garments they bought ended up in thrift shops and from there into my wardrobe. When I was pondering my closet and lack of stuff to wear, I did research on the net about style. One website totally freaked me out when I read that the poster loved jeans and has over 200 pairs! How do you even keep track of that many pairs of pants? Are there that many styles and types of jeans? Has she never thrown anything out in her life? I have two pairs of jeans and one denim skirt. I am contemplating sewing another denim skirt. I just read an article about a woman in the UK who vowed not to buy clothes ...

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