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The spice girls have nothing on me!

I received an email from my high school buddy, Carol. It was a recipe exchange, one of the requirements was that the recipe be simple and not use any exotic ingredients. I started thinking about exotic ingredients. Then that led to spices. By nature I am a collector, my garden isn’t an orderly affair of palm trees and ferns like I admire in many ex-pat yards, if one bougainvillea is good then 9 are better. Well, I am even worse with spices, I have 3 plastic shoe boxes of spices, plus jars of condiments and sauces. Everytime I see a spice or herb that I may need someday, I buy it. Sometimes I even use it. Which leads to this post, I thought out of morbid curiosity to list all the spices that I have acquired since I came here. The bulk of them were bought at regular supermarkets Walmart, Megabalcones, Chedraui and foreign food section of Liverpool. Whenever I ...

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