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looking forward to 2012

Making New Year’s resolutions is not my thing. I’m more of a five year plan kind of girl. When things are bad, I tell myself, I’ll just do this for five years, then I’ll reevaluate. Five years just seems like the largest chunk of time that I can imagine staying the same. Admittedly one day at a time has been my byword many times in my life too. Anyway, back to the point, I have goals for this year. Number one on my list is to continue getting rid of stuff. I’m mulling over the feasibility of a yard sale. Maybe I can get together with a couple of friends? Paring down my possessions is a  goal, but I haven’t really formulated by how much. I have some kitchen stuff, including a kitchen aid mixer that I hardly ever use. I also have a set of dishes just taking up space. Hand in hand with getting rid of stuff is ...

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