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Eating bad things

Our bathroom is in disarray, the painter never showed up and I haven’t felt up to going out and locating him or a replacement. In anticipation of painting, we removed all the shelves and only the most necessary things are left sitting on the built in ledge across the room from the sink. Rushing to get ready, I grabbed my toothbrush and the toothpaste without really looking. I went to flip the top and it didn’t flip. Being frazzled, I just ignored my puzzlement and twisted the top off. Juggling more than a few things as I walked to the sink, I managed to drop most of the tooth paste off the brush onto the floor. Sticking the brush into my mouth so to have my hands free to clean up the floor, I noticed an odd taste, instead of the overpowering minty freshness of Colgate, there was a hint of lavender. That is when I realized that I had ...

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