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Steve stole my title

11.11.11 was going to be my post title until I read Steve Cotton’s post today on mexpatriot-in the key of steve, not that I couldn’t just use the title too.Titles cannot be copyrighted. Of course, the truth is that he beat me to the title,he didn’t steal it, unless he is prescient. 11.11.11 is a powerful date for numerologists, gamblers and other people who see magic in dates and mathematics. I like the idea of magic, I have been known to consult tarot cards and read my horoscope on occasion. An astrologer did my natal chart once, but I gave him the wrong birth hour.What can I say? I’m lucky that I remember the date of my birth let alone the hour.Knowing that I was unclear he gave me two options,one based on what I thought was my birth hour, and one on what actually was my birth hour. Using the correct time,he was spot on. Using what I remembered ...

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