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Lost in time and space

I have been lost in time and space the last few days. This morning, I went with Husband to buy new tires for the car. We talked about checking out various places but decided to go to Costco, because it was easier. I think we did okay, but since I have no basis of comparison I really can’t say. Husband and I have been discussing frugality, not as a general topic but as it affects us. We’ve always been frugal, some it is because of my nature and some because of circumstances. I have been reading frugal, tightwad or penny pinching blogs recently. Hoping to pick up some tips. Sadly to say, most of what I read doesn’t really apply to us. We either can’t do some of the things or are already doing them. Buying in bulk usually doesn’t save money here and I already cook most of our food from scratch. The number one thing that we could ...

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Just in time for Carnival!

We arrived home last night. After a long day riding in airplanes and hanging out in airports all we wanted to do was pick up our dog and sleep in our own bed. But first, we had to get to our house. There is no long term parking at the airport and we hadn’t asked anyone to pick us up. Therefore, we needed to take a taxi. Only one taxi company is allowed to pick up fares at the airport. They have a kiosk where you pay a cashier instead of directly paying the driver. We knew from past experience that this is an expensive way of hiring a taxi, but I asked anyway. From the airport to our house they wanted $135.00!! So we decided to utilize the excellent tactic that Debi and her husband use, and walked out to Avenida Itzaes to look for more economical transportation. We spotted a taxi parked along the path, so I asked ...

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