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Too many wants

The virus is in retreat, I feel better. Well enough to get into trouble, but not healthy enough to dig my way out again. Husband got a new phone after I laundered my old one. He has been wanting one more like his palm device that he used to use, he really doesn’t call many people, but he wanted to use it for schedules etc. Liking the phone that he had, which had been mine for a brief while, we traded. He got a new super duper phone and I got one that I already understood. We were both happy. Have you ever noticed that when people discover a new thing that works for them, a diet, a new product, or a place to live, they want to share it? Husband has been badgering me to trade in my phone and buy one like his. Loving me and wanting me to have the best, he cannot understand my reluctance. It’s ...

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slow as molasses

I don’t know what is slower, our internet connection, my operating system (windows) or my little laptop (acer). I have a new faster better laptop, but this one fits better on my lap. Watching The Big Bang Theory I was struck by how much technology I don’t use. Sheldon was trying to contact Amy. He said he IM’d her, tweeted her, emailed her and some other stuff that I didn’t catch. I email and blog that’s about it for me. I have a facebook account with 10 friends, 8 of which are family members. I never update my status because it doesn’t make sense to me. I do upload the occasional photo, but mostly I use it to see photos of my grandchildren. Oh, I have skype. I like skype, it gives me the illusion that my kids might call me. Though I have learned that phones calls only go out of Mexico very seldom into Mexico. Admittedly, my comadre ...

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