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Lessons learned from a road trip

Husband and I needed an adventure. California is a driving culture, both Husband and I were professional drivers at one time, as kids we went on road trips, as parents we took our kids on road trips. So it was natural that when our original plan of visiting an all inclusive fell through, we decided to take a road trip. One of the things that irks us about living here is the fideicomiso, in other words,we have to pay the bank a yearly fee to hold our house in a trust. If it was a tax with the money being used to fix roads, provide schools or feed the hungry, that would be different, the fideicomiso merely generates income for the bank with no benefit to anyone else. Husband and I are always on the lookout for some place outside the restricted zone (60 kilometers from the coast and 100 from the border) where we might want to live. We ...

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Ruta Puuc Trip

Lin reminded me that I never posted about our Ruta Convento- Ruta Puuc trip. The highlight for us was Tekax, pronounced tay-KASH. You know how some towns just grab you? This one did that for us. We parked next to this copper roofed gazebo and wandered into the town square. There we looked through an open door into a large room, which was empty except for a lady dressed in a huipil seated at a card table in a far corner chatting with another huipil clad woman. On the walls were mounted large photos from inside the local grutas (caves). When she asked if we needed help I replied that the photos had caught my attention. She beckoned us in. When we were done admiring the photos, I asked about the building. She explained that it was the tourism office for Tekax and asked if we wanted to sign the guest book. The building had been a private home that ...

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