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Redecorating the Terraza Part 2

Nothing is visibly happening on the terraza redecoration front. However, a lot is going on in my head. That’s the way I work, I think and think, nothing goes on paper, it just percolates in head and then I have at it. Right now the plan is to remove stuff from the space. I am relocating the little love seat to the sala. The tub chair either to the sala or our bedroom. They are going to be replaced with colonial rocking chairs, which I have to first send out to have caned. The caning needs to be redone every few years because nothing lasts long in the heat here. The fabric that I chose to tie everything together, was gone when I went to buy it. Someone bought the whole bolt! Fortunately, BK thought that we should check out Asis. I love the home dec fabrics at Assis, but the ones I really like tend to be around $300 ...

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Redecorate the terraza part 1

Worn around the edges, faded from the sun. Not to mention half undone and shredded by the cat. Not words to inspire confidence, certainly no way that I want to invite anyone over. Our friends don’t really mind, they know that I went through a rough patch the last few years, but it’s time to take the bull by the horns and redecorate the terraza! This is the space at it’s worst. If we’re going to do before and after shots, I’m taking a page from the professionals and providing you with the worse possible before photos.  Here it is from the other side. Just for fun, another couple of angles. Part of me thinks that I should make off white neutral slip covers and provide pops of color with throw pillows.  That would be the most versatile. However, since this is an outdoor space that gets a lot of sun, I’m drawn to using more color.  The talavera pots ...

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Time for some changes

My dad wants to know what I’ve been up to, not enough to call me on the phone and ask, but enough to chide me about my lack of posting when I call him. Apparently, phones only work with outgoing calls in Mexico, because while my siblings, offspring and other relatives (with the notable exception of my oldest brother ) no one calls us. Monday, a cold that I have been fighting won the battle. Due to lack of experience, I am a dreadful person to be around when I am ill. My frustration level is low and according to Husband I am less than nice. Today, I feel a little better and in order to take my mind off my aches and pains I’m blogging. I was going to sew but my machine had other ideas. Speaking of sewing, I decided to redecorate the terraza by making slip covers and new decorative cushions.  True to form, I forgot to ...

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