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The key issue

Why the lack of keys? I watch our neighbors come home from work and pound on the door to be let in. These aren’t little kids, the girl is almost done studying at the Universary and the boy is an attorney. It isn’t just them, my other neighbors all seem to have only one key to the door, no matter how many people live there. Recently, we heard a car alarm going off. It would go off and then stop, then go off again. It isn’t unusual to see the owner leaning against his car oblivious to the annoying noise of his alarm blaring. He knows that there is no problem, so he isn’t concerned it seems. Finally the frequency and generally annoying quality of having a car alarm sounding just outside our gate, drove us out to complain. There we saw a group of people gathered around our friend’s VW. Katy had lost her keys, and the Locksmith was ...

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Beads as a metaphor

No posts for 6 days and now two, one right after the other! The opportunity arose for me to have stuff from NOB brought to me. I went to various websites to look at beads, thread and various other good readily available to the NOB beader. The way I do mail order is to select any and everything that is appealing to me and then weed out the non-essentials. I wanted size 15 beads, small seed beads that I haven’t found in Mérida, which are used in many of the patterns that I have. I wanted nymo beading thread, which is basically upholstery thread but it comes in bobbins and a variety of sizes. I wanted size 8 beads, which are seed beads that are larger than the size 11 normally found here but smaller than the size 6 commonly found here. I find size 8’s occasionally but there isn’t the variety that I would like. I totaled up the ...

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Exile or Expat?

Simple economics made us chose Mexico as our retirement home. It has never been my dream to live in Mexico. My dream has always been a hobby farm somewhere in the countryside. After reviewing all our possibilities and realistically looking at our resources, we picked Mexico. I told Husband that I would feel less like a foreigner in Mexico than I would in Missouri. No insult to my friends from Missouri, but there aren’t too many Cubans there. I mention Missouri because I was terribly tempted by the idea of buying an abandoned farm there. I like it here, I love my life, I like my neighbors, I am glad that we ended up here. Sometimes you chose to do something because of one reason, such as move to Mexico because of economics and find that it was the best choice for so many other unconsidered reasons. I also think it helps when it is a choice, I don’t see ...

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Imagine that?

“Imagine that” is what my son’s father would say when confronted with evidence that he was mistaken. According to my friend, Lin I am pretty much assimilated! We were talking about it in the pool this morning. Her points were that I speak Spanish I shop in the local stores I eat local food, including using Mexican brands I have friends who are Mexican who don’t speak English I don’t live in Gringo Gulch I think that there were a few more things, but off hand I can’t remember them. My post yesterday was meant to be a longer one but there were a few power outages so ni modo, I published what I had already written. The longer I live here the more comfortable I am. When we first moved here, walking downtown was sometimes overwhelming. The crowds of people, the games of chicken with opposing walkers, and the general noise levels. Due to enforcement of noise pollution laws, ...

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Analyzing the unfathomable

What is it with Allbrook Mall? This month the number two search that readers used to find my blog is a variation of Allbrook Mall, last week I had 65 hits because of it. More than two years ago we went to Panamá on vacation and I blogged about it. I also still get comments on those posts asking questions about the mall and the stores in it.The number one search is some variation of Theresa in Mérida, or what do I do all day? with over 200 hits on that search, so I won’t be changing my theme any time soon. Lately, I have been in a funk, but I think it’s mainly been the oppressive humidity, nothing like always feeling sticky to get you down. That is fated to end now (thank goodness!). A few days ago the rains began. It seems like they are early this year and except for that first one,the rains have been reasonable. ...

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Internet woes

I don’t know if it is my computer itself and it’s operating system or the fact that it is the Christmas Holidays, but our DSL has been awful the last few days. I am of the opinion that every Meridian schoolchild with some time and money on their hands is clogging up the virtual arteries of the net. Rather than continue on in this non-productive mode, I have something to say! Really, I have been pondering what Eddy Willers said in the comments section “Well written and highly pertinent to the issue of trust in Mexican culture.It seems that people will tell you what they think you wish to hear in order to avoid any kind of confrontation. This seems to be done on the basis that as one cannot trust that the other’s reaction will be rational, consistent, fair or just then it is better to avoid such negativity in the first place.Add a spicy dash of Roman law ...

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