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How to hyperlink in a comment

I thought I would share a tip today. How to hyperlink in a comment. I always think it’s cool when someone has a live hyperlink in their comment that you can just click on, don’t you? <a href=”http://thediypage.com”>LinkText</a> Copy and paste that piece of code into where you want the words to go. Then, delete “http://thediypage.com” and replace it with your link (I suggest copying and pasting your link for accuracy’s sake). Then, delete “LinkText” and enter in the words you want others to see – in my example comment below I have , “sign up to be notified by email when I update this blog”  (don’t use quotation marks). Just in case, you can  use the preview function if there is one, to make sure everything is correct before posting. In my comment section the hyperlink doesn’t show up in blue, but it’s there is you click on the words. On other blogs it’s more obvious. Some comment editors don’t ...

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