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Between the raindrops

Saying that we’ve been having rain every afternoon doesn’t convey how much rain has been falling. We’ve narrowly escaped the infinity pool experience by draining several inches of water at least twice in the last week. This is even after the pool guys have been here and drained their customary three or four inches while cleaning between cell phone calls. I’m not complaining, the boys show up and clean the pool every week, it just takes them longer than when Dad is there to supervise. Being housebound gives me an excuse to work on my Mom Make Me This projects. When I found out that La Primera pins things to Pinterest, I asked her to make a category of stuff she would like me to make. One of the items was a crocheted dress for La Nieta. She didn’t specify for which one, but it looked like a toddler style to me. After reading the pattern information, which didn’t seem ...

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Black gingham and cherry fabrics

Ironing my new black gingham and cherry fabrics really brought home how warm it is here. Pre-shrinking fabric is a recommended step that I usually skip because we don’t have a dryer. I fully realize that it’s not good practice, but I don’t do it. Off hand, I know four people who own dryers, it isn’t an usual topic of discussion among my friends. Since we don’t have a dryer and this fabric is going to be a dress for 3 of 4, I decided to pre-shrink it. Rather than waiting until 2 pm when cold water is not an option, I helped fill the washer with a bucket. Our low water pressure usually isn’t an issue because I fill the washer with warm water, but the hot goes in so slowly that by the time the washer is filled the water no longer is hot. Rather than hang the fabric out, I chose to iron it dry and shrink ...

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Why is gingham called mascota in Spanish?

Scouring the fabric stores for two hours this afternoon, I finally found what I was looking for, black and white mascota ( mascot or pet is the literal translation ). I have no idea why gingham is called mascota in Spanish. I had shown my daughter the C0501 young girl’s  dress and she liked it. She gave me some ideas on fabrics that she would like. One of her likes was a classic, black and white gingham. Gingham or mascota  is readily available for about $16 a meter or one dollar six cents a yard (at today’s extraordinarily favorable exchange rate of 14 to 1). Unfortunately, it’s a crummy synthetic fabric that feels like nylon to me. Wanting a quality fabric,preferably one made of cotton, I headed to the basement.El Gran Chapur has a very nice selection of fabrics in the basement of their centro location. The fabrics there are lovely, lots of cottons, tropical weight wool and linen and ...

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Busy Bee, that’s me!

In honor of the Borg, I have new nicknames for the granddaughters. They are now Juannafor, Tuafor, Threeoffour (formerly known as la nieta) and the once and future baby girl due in January who will be Fouroffour. La Primera mentioned to me that Tuafor was suffering from a serious case of handmedown syndrome.  I offered to make her a few things. She is still small enough that I can whip up stuff for her pretty quickly and young enough to like girlie stuff like twirly skirts. I have a friend who is heading NOB soon, which means the sewing machine has been whirling along. So for I have these things made. I planned on some simple skirts then I found a total deal on some sleeveless tops. At $10 each, I bought 6, so far I have combined one with fabric from my stash to create a long sleeve dress. I count stash fabric as free so it’s the seventy-five ...

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