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Home ultrasounds, only in Mexico.

The  dog tail  tale continues. This morning a doctor came to my house and gave Mr. Dog an ultrasound. Not a veterinarian but an MD, who specializes in doing portable ultrasounds. He showed up on time, maybe even a little early, for his eight am appointment. He was professional and gentle with Mr. Dog. Mr. Dog in turn, was well behaved and only complained a little when I flipped him over on his back to expose his belly to the scanner. The little printer spit out some photos and I paid the doctor $300, less than 25 USD. I cannot imagine what it would have cost NOB. Yesterday, Mr. Dog had a fasting glucose test. If I ever need to have one, I want our vet to do the blood draw. Being shaved to create a sterile spot annoyed Mr. Dog more than the actual blood draw. Instead of being diabetic, Mr. Dog had a fasting sugar level of 77 ...

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