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Clearing the deck for action

Five black tank tops! I had five black tank tops! BK came over and I modeled my wardrobe for her. Some of my favorites ended up in the discard pile, too big or unflattering, victims of my unwillingness to invest the time and energy to completely remake them. Even if they no longer serve me I have a hard time letting go of things. The alterations pile was plenty deep, fortunately most of it was quickly dispatched. Elastic was replaced in one pair of pants and three skirts,while another pair of pants and a dress were combined to make a skirt, several tops received either shoulder darts or seaming up the back. The waistband of pair of dress shorts was taken in too. The last time I wore the shorts, the weight of my  house keys, cellphone, and overladen change purse combined to drag the pants lower on my body than I was comfortable with. When I discovered that I ...

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Looking for myself

Turning 57 this year has made me introspective. Introspection does not come naturally to me, it’s right below Planning and Forethought on my list of things I forget to do behaviors to engage in more often. I’ve made a decision not to buy any more new clothes, sewing them or accepting used clothes from friends is okay, but buying new clothes is not. Part of my renewed interest in sewing is due to the VPLL 1912 Project and my involvement in the project. The other thing is that I have no style anymore. When I worked in retail, my style was professional/trendy and as an office manager it was office clothes, mostly office casual. I love tailored clothes. I like rayon separates with jackets. I like suits even pant suits. I wore Jones of New York, Liz Claiborne and shopped at the Clothes Barn. Not really, I shopped their clearance racks and bought my clothes second hand. However, they were ...

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Feeling mismatched.

Monday is crafty lady day, several of us get together to work on our various projects and visit. Occasionally a member will just visit, they are between crafts or don’t feel like crafting,we’re all friends and it’s okay. Some people call these groups a stitch and bitch but that doesn’t seem right for us. Usually I have a bead project that I’ve been working, mostly necklaces.Today, I had an epiphany, I realized that I’ve been creating evening type jewelry which I probably won’t ever wear! What does that mean? Am I longing for a fancier lifestyle or am I just out of touch with reality? Or is it simply that I can’t resist the sparkle? Another interesting thing is that while the bead colours look good together, they don’t match my clothes! Another conundrum! My bead box is chuck full of fall colours , three shades of brown, five of amber and more greens than you imagine. There are also ...

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