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Weight loss surgery made easy.

Assuming you’ve been reading along since I started this blog, do you remember back in October of 2007 when I made a body double? She’s been hanging out in the studio wearing various things that I don’t want to throw away but seldom use. If you ever want to really see what you look like to other people, I recommend creating a clone of your body. It’s amazing, making that mannequin was one of the reasons that I decided that I really needed to lose weight. Looking at her today, I realized that I no longer look like that. To confirm my suspicions, I measured her. I have lost seven inches off my bust and hips, eight off my tummy! My waist has shrunk by nine inches. I must have been in denial about how much I weighed or what size I wore. This morning, I took a knife to her and performed weight loss surgery.It was incredibly cathartic. The ...

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