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Living the diy life, leading the way.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” — John Quincy Adams Living the diy life  and helping you create the diy life you want is my goal. I don’t think of myself as bold or a trailblazer, but that is the role that I’ve chosen.  I am creating the life I want to live, and I want to show you how to do it too. I aspire to John Quincy Adams’s definition of a leader. All my life, I have been interested in  how. How do things work? How is that done? Can I do it too? I leave why to the philosophers. One of my favorite toys was the original Mr. Machine, a top hat wearing transparent robot. I loved taking him apart and putting him back together. In my pre-teen days I was a compulsive fort builder, my sister and I once tented over the entire ...

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People change and so do blogs

¿What do I do all day? has been online since October 22, 2007. My very first post, Great Plans and Ambitions was a bit short. In it I announced my idea of creating an online plant encyclopedia. I never made the plant encyclopedia,my interests changed. In the six years that I’ve been blogging I’ve posted 884 times and received 5711 comments. I don’t count spam but I do count my own replies. I believe it’s important to answer comments, I even blogged about it. That post resonated with my fellow bloggers so much that I immediately followed it up with The Great Comment Debate. Husband and I have lived in Merida for close to a decade now, and while where I live influences many of the things that I do, it has become less of a focus for this blog. I’ve come to the realization that where I live my life is not as important as how I live my ...

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After several days of on again and off again functionality of my HP laptop, we went up the street to the computer tech. He took it apart and found….WATER! there were little pools of water in my computer. I don’t remember spilling water on the keyboard, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  It isn’t like I laundered it, this is a full size desk top replacement laptop, not a cell phone. I didn’t leave it out in the rain or in a pair of pants, I have been a good laptop owner, honestly! Today, I went to pick up my now functioning laptop. It had spent the weekend in pieces spread across the technician’s desk, drying out. He replaced some thermal goop (I’m sure that is the technical term),cleaned everything and updated the drivers. I paid $450 mxn and happily took my laptop home, where it refused to turn on. During the one block walk from the shop to ...

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The life expectancy of a blog

Lee of Imagine Merida wrote a blog post that started a great discussion of blogs and bloggers in Merida. If you never read the comments on blog posts you often miss out on the best part. Some posts don’t generate comments, because, really what can you say sometimes besides “Yeah, I think so too” and you don’t want to say (or at least I don’t) “Why are you such an idiot?” . One thing that caught my eye was that Lee wrote,”Most blogs last under three years or so before running their course. Maybe that’s the case with some of the Mérida bloggers.’’ . Intrigued I did some google searches to find out what the average lifespan of a blog is. October 22,2007 is the day I made my first blog post, grandly titled “Great Plans and Ambitions” There really isn’t a lot of information out there. I found this nugget: From http://www.caslon.com.au/weblogp…   “Several studies indicate that most blogs are ...

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computer crash

Coming home from shopping earlier this week, I found that Mr. Dog celebrated his 15th birthday by having a party and crashing my notebook computer. Normally, I use the most common form of back up, i.e. none. Having gotten my own itsy bitsy thumb drive last week, it’s so small it’s more of a fingernail drive rather than an entire thumb, I had copied my files. Serendipitously, the day before the big crash,  I had copied my photos. Getting wrapped up in surfing the net is not a new problem, Mr. Dog gave it his own personal twist. Occasionally, he gets stuck in corners. I think that is what happened. We were out and he found himself stuck in the corner and somehow wrapped the power cord around himself. Normally, the cord is out of the way and not accessible to him. However, La Muchacha sometimes rearranges our furniture when she cleans, which she had done this time, removing a ...

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Chaos theory

Last week, I gave up painting class. It’s not that I don’t like painting or my class. It’s that I need a break, my life, once again has gotten chaotic. Piles dominate my studio, my new easel sits unused in a corner. Some of those piles are the result of me simplifying my life. When we repainted the kitchen and dining room, I removed everything from the kitchen shelves and put them in the studio. Nothing is returning to the kitchen unless I need it. So far there is more stuff in the studio than in the kitchen. If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I have what I call enthusiasms. They are cyclic,though like long term weather patterns, we know that a pattern exists but aren’t really aware of them in our daily lives. I thought that I wanted to be an Artist (with a capital A) but apparently not. Or ...

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Too much sun

Running errands after my painting class is not one of my brightest moves. On the one hand, it’s easy to catch the 66 Iberica bus to C 57 x 56 y 58, on the other hand, 2:00 is bad time to be out and about in the Yucatan sun. One of my last stops on the way home was the bank. Calle 65 x 62 y 64 has several banks located on it. The bank we usually use is the north side of the street, the atm machine inside an air conditioned chamber. Normally, we do our banking early in the morning, today, I arrived around three. Which is why I found myself on the south facing slowly baking wall in a long line wondering why I decided to get money on the quincena. I comforted myself with thinking since it was payday,the ATMs would have lots of cash available. Poor planning all around. Arriving home hungry and crabby, I ...

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I’m tap dancing as fast as I can

When I get emails from friends asking if I accidently dropped my computer into the washing machine, I know I need to post something. I’ve taken a leave from writing. Nothing bad, just been busy doing other stuff. My daughter, La Primera, had another baby girl. I will be going later in the year to visit. The new baby is beautiful, but that is to be expected. I learned a new Spanish word, neumólogo, which means pulmonologist. Even after living here for more than eight years, I find it freaking amazing that I can call a specialist´s office for an appointment and be asked if I want to come in that very day. Our situation was a little different, but the quality of care and caring is exactly like Jonna wrote about recently. Husband is feeling much better, life is good again. Getting rid of stuff in our house has been going well. Debi mentioned in her blog that she ...

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return of the false friends

Here is a post that I wrote about false cognates, False Friends.  Introduce is still a hard one for me, or rather remembering to presentar rather than introducir people. Most of the other ones, I do all right with. I am off to the kitchen to make some crackers using sesame and sunflower seeds instead of grains. Enjoy the re-run, I’ll post about my efforts later. Oh, don’t forget to read the comments, some of the bloopers people shared are really funny,

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The Versatile Blogger Award

Leslie Lemon of Motherhood in Mexico and the outstanding cooking blog La Cocina de Leslie nominated me for the versatile blogger award. She must not have seen my last post, So far averaging one post a day. It’s a meme, like a blogger chain letter. However, I am flattered. One of my problems with being nominated  is that some of my favorite blogs have already been nominated! Like a chain email you received from a friend,  you have so many mutual friends that you have to scramble to find other friends who to send it on to so you can get the prize (good luck or whatever). You can see that I have problems with accepting compliments. So with no further ado, seven things you don’t know about me. That should be hard since my audience base is mostly family, and things that my parents don’t know about me are things I have no plans to share. My first date ...

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