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Where do we go from here?

My very first blog post Great Plans and Ambitions was written on October 22, 2007. I think my style hasn’t changed much but I like to believe that my writing has improved. Checking my stats I find that I have had 77,076 visits, and 25,564 visitors! I find that amazing especially since more than 66% of my visitors come back! I knew that I had a big family but even they don’t account for all of you out there. I have to thank those of you who have me on your blog roll, because most of my visitors come from a referring site, the top two are Same Life–New Location and Blah, Blah, Blah Ginger. Only10% find me due to a search, the top fives search phrases are mostly variations of Theresa in Mérida except #3 which is Albrook Mall in Panamá. I mull over having a blog about Panamá and putting lots of ads on it because there apparently ...

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I am not ignoring you

Once again, I have computer problems. Somehow I lost “privileges” and can’t access my stuff like documents, photos and bookmarks. It’s all there on the hard drive, or at least it was last night, today may be another matter. WildBill spent some time on the phone with me, walking me through how to fix the problem. I did make a mistake when I clicked on yes instead of okay, but when he had me check, it didn’t seem to have affected anything. I felt really stupid, and computer illiterate. I heard the word “okay “, I looked at the dialog box and saw the word “yes” and clicked on it, as I was saying what I was doing, WB, told me “no! don’t do that!” but my hand did it anyway.He said it was safe to turn off, but this morning, it returned to the dark side. I used to be good at this stuff, I guess I am out ...

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it’s probably the hard drive

I wish this post was about a difficult journey but it’s not. Or maybe it is, but it’s not a physical journey.Last Friday, my computer was acting up. Programs were stalling, the internet was slow, nothing worked well. Saturday, when I cranked it up, I was greeted by a mysterious message in Spanish, requesting the insertion of an original window’s CD in order to repair my system. Fortunately,( I bought my computer here but didn’t receive one with the system for some mysterious reason), I own an original windows CD from my last computer (RIP), so I complied.The computer was not impressed with my efforts.Finally, I broke down and called Wild Bill,my computer guru. The computer is suffering from schizophrenia. Or maybe it’s delusional. Whatever the diagnosis, in the computer’s reality, it claims to not have a hard drive even though it performs other functions requiring the drive.Of course, I haven’t backed up my data, so don’t even ask any ...

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Watcha think?

I need to know if it’s too much. I am toying with the idea of making an elephant shaped pouf. A footstool shaped like a kneeling elephant. Nothing too big, just large enough to put your feet up on.The truth is that I am thinking it’s a little too weird even for me, after all, Husband has to live here too.There are many other projects to finish before I tackle that one. So I am asking for input. Here’s your chance to vote on the idea. There’s a poll on the sidebar.And in honor of the 1930’s movies that I have been watching lately, vote early and vote often!Comments are welcome.And yes, I realize that a camel is more appropriate, but I like elephants better….

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Really wireless

We’ve been having problems with our internet connection lately. Finally, Saturday afternoon, the modem failed. I love that, se fallo means it failed, it also means it died. Today, I trotted down to Telmex and turned in the old modem. The girl behind the counter asked if I had called and gotten authorization for a new modem. When I replied in the negative, she explained that without an authorization code she couldn’t give me a new modem, just another one. I said that was okay. I didn’t care if it was new or used, I just needed internet. I then promised to call the 800 number if this modem dies on us too. Our modem came in a new box, with all it’s paperwork and look just like the old one. I have no idea what happened but am perfectly happy with it now.I have blogs and email to read, and catch up on, and of course, stuff to blog ...

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Taking a timeout from typing

I overdid it last week. I’m pretty sure I know what I did,but regardless of the cause the result is that I can’t lift my right arm up very high and until today, it hurt too much to type,or embroider or bead. It still hurts but not as much. It’s either carpal tunnel or bursitis (probably the bursitis), I have been taking are of it and I’m getting better, but I have dozens of emails and or comments that I haven’t answered. So please forgive me, but I won’t be posting much this week or emailing.

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snapshots of my life

Rather than a normal blog post here are a few short thoughts on my life here. Yesterday afternoon I was miserable because my feet were cold and I couldn’t put on socks. The absurdity of this struck me. The reason I couldn’t put on socks was that Socco had come to my house and given me a manicure and pedicure and I didn’t want to smear my polish. Such a difficult life! Right now the peso has fallen to $15.18 to the dollar so I spent only $7.90 plus tip. Actually it cost me more because we’d drawn the money out at a lower rate. The pesos that I have in my purse are worth less than when I exchanged them. Our gas line leaks. Over time we’ve been smelling gas in our kitchen, but Husband had checked and there was no leak. Yesterday the smell became very strong. Husband explained to me that when you make up fittings you ...

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Guest list

Wow, our guest list for the Blogger M&G is growing. Look who’s coming! Don’t you want to come too? If you haven’t read their blogs yet, check them out! Merida Mikey,The Adventures of Merida MikeyLin Dorton, Crazy, gone native Wayne, Isla Mujeres: Gringo in ParadiseBill Larsen, Not the News,Life in Merida, YucatanLisa Love, Living the Lisa LocaNancy and Paul, Countdown to Mexico Kim, RivergirlLaurie Norton, Tacogirl’s travelblog frm San Pedro, BelizeLarry Baker, Yucatan RebirthDebi, Debi in Merida Tom, Tom’s BlogJonna & Mimi, blah,blah,blah GingerLida Garcia, Rainbow Crafters and La Casa de los gatos malcriadosStephen and Paula, The Dodwells Head SouthEllen Fields, Yucatan Living and Mexico in EnglishKhaki Scott, Yucatan LivingKathy and Jamie, Hell’s Half Acre, Musings from the Caribbeanand me too! Theresa, What do I do all day? and Theresa’s Cooking Blog Wow, and if the circumstances allow, the following bloggers hope to be added to the list. Paul, Hammock Musings from MeridaIslazina, Living La Vida FlojaKelly,A Canuck in Cancun ...

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Here we go!

I should be making dolmas for tomorrow, I opened my computer to look up how to make them in the crockpot and got sucked into the world of blogs. I saw this meme on If you want kin, you must plant kin and got hooked. Things in bold are the ones I’ve done; things in italics are things I’d like to do; thing in italics with an asterisk are things I really, really want to do. The ones in regular font I have neither done nor want to do. 1. Started my own blog (or two)2. Slept under the stars3. Played in a band.4. Visited Hawaii5. Watched a meteor shower.6. Given more than I can afford to charity.7. Been to Disneyland/world (hard not to if you grew up in California)8. Climbed a mountain (hiked up really, not in a rock climbing way)9. Held a praying mantis 10. Sung a solo (actually I have but that is because of Faire, sometimes ...

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My new policy on blogging

I split off my cooking blog from this blog last year, but I have found that I don’t update Theresa’s Cooking Blog as often as I thought that I would. Cooking is part of what I do. It’s one of my interests. So I have decided to publish my food oriented posts on both blogs but only publish the recipes on Theresa’s Cooking Blog.

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