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Searching, searching…

Wow, it just occurred to me that I have been blogging for more than a year. My first post was on October 22, 2007 and here it is almost November! I started tracking traffic on November 2nd so I don’t really have a year of statistics but I have had24,311 visits to my blog since then, 8,157 absolute unique visitors and 66.52% are returning visitors! Yeah, that means a good amount of people who wander upon this blog come back for another visit. Now I realize that I have a large family, but even my family isn’t that big.One thing that is funny, at least to me, is that a large amount of people find my blog because they are searching for information on Albrook Mall in Panama. Isn’t the internet odd? The most common search is for information on Mérida but I did like the one that was searching for “what do toucans do all day?”. Then there was ...

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Just when I thought that I was safe.

Since I seem to be in perpetual quest for validation, I submitted my blog to “Ask and Ye Shall Receive” for a review. They are backlogged, very,very backlogged and so it seemed to me that it would be at least 2009 until they reached my blog,(especially if they reviewed in alphabetical order). I was lolled into thinking that my review would be far off into the future. I had hoped to have many witty and entertaining blog entries written when we reached that hypothetical future. Apparently, my blog is being touted as a cure for insomnia. It could be worse.Much,much worse, at least they haven’t declared that reading my blog induces catalepsy,(according to Wikipedia Catalepsy is a condition characterized by muscular rigidity, fixity of posture and decreased sensitivity to pain). Hmmm, maybe I have catalepsy confused with narcolepsy? Well, some form of ‘lepsy, if it’s epilepsy, we still have some of Mr. Dog’s phenobarbital. But you all know how hard ...

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I take up the challange

Minshap, whose blog Both sides of the Coin, I keep meaning to add to my ever growing blog roll (along with several others), posted this blogger challenge for lack of a better name: 1 – For a period of 4 weeks, you must work and report your progress on a project of your own choice, documenting the results as they occur.2 – You can take the time you need to decide on your project and then you write an opening “DAY ONE” description, with an introductory photo, and your expectations for the end-result.3 – If you are “in” (oh please say you’ll do it!), you need to leave word in the comments section so we all know who we are and then we can all keep track of each others’ progress and offer support, advice, links that could help or whatever.4 – Each week, you will post three times (whichever days you want, but three times a week) with photos ...

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decisions,decisions, decisions

First off, I get my computer back tomorrow! hip,hip, huzzah! It is mechanically sound,nothing needs replacing, no blown chips or nonoperational fans. What it did have was viruses,apparently, it resembled a virtual Swiss cheese. Where did these little buggers come from? I dunno, maybe from emails, maybe from watching videos online, maybe from aliens. So my computer will be back sans programs and bookmarks.Hopefully with documents and photos intact I will need to be more careful in the future. I thought that I had a firewall, guess it burnt down.At least I will have once again have a spell checker that works in English and Spanish, once I reload Firefox. The built in one that comes with Blogger is in Spanish, again.There is nothing as frustrating as clicking on spellcheck and having most of your text highlighted. I remember switching to English, but then I started using the spellchecker that came with Firefox. It seems to have reverted to Spanish ...

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weather forecast

I added a weather forecast to my blog. La Gringa in Honduras has one and I love the feature that says what the temperature feels like. It’s called accuweather. I hope you enjoy the feature. I also cut back on the number of posts displayed to five, that should make the blog load a bit faster.Blogger has added a feature where the blogroll scrolls the most recently updated blog to the top of the list. I thought about it but have decided to leave mine in alphabetical order for now.I think that is all the housekeeping stuff that I need to inform y’all about.

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I have heard from various people that it’s hard to leave a comment on my blog. I want comments,I encourage comments, I enjoy the comments. So in an effort to make life easier for everyone, I have disabled the verify comments. If it turns out that I am getting a lot of spam, I will start moderating all the comments before they post. I hope that makes it easier for you.

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Is housework a job?

If you blog, you can get a program called google analytics, that tells you stuff about who reads your blog. For example, most of the people (50.66% in the last month) who read this blog reach it from another blog. Either because I wrote a comment and they wanted to know more about me or because the blogger recommended me by putting me in their links section. 26.78% of you have me bookmarked or saved to favorites, which is really nifty, it means that you like what I say well enough to want to come back on your own or you are my family, I do have a lot of family. The interesting part is 13.57% find my blog via search engines. Some of the searches make me think that I have talked to you,or someone who knows me has told you that I have a blog, because 19 of the searches involved my name or my blog’s name. Before ...

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yeah I know,

I haven’t blogged in a long time. Or at least it feels like a long time. It’s the weather, I like to blame the weather for everything, if it’s nice, then I got distracted,if it’s bad, well, bad weather is it’s own excuse isn’t it?We are starting into what I like to call our 6 months of nice evenings and early mornings. The humidity has started. We have a fan in our bathroom,not an exhaust fan but a regular fan, it is so humid now that unless you stand in front of a fan when you towel off, you never seem to get dry. I think I may be doing the 2 to 3 times a day shower thing. Oh, well, at least my skin isn’t dry!We did a round of doctor visits, as a whole we love the medical care here. I can’t really blog about this but let’s just say that medical care plays a major role in ...

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new posts comimg soon

Our power went out, and when it returned I could no longer get online. I think it’s the modem (again). I can use Husband’s set up but his keyboard makes my wrists hurt. We may end up bringing my computer upstairs so I can plug in directly like he does instead of being wireless.

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New photos for Pop

I put a new photo on the header for the blog. And because my father asked me to, I changed the photos of me. Okay, Pop? Do you like these better? I expect a comment from you.See sometimes I not only listen to my parents, I do what they ask.To start with the one with the beard is Husband,I’m the shorter person. This is Panamà Viejo That´s me, once again in Panamà ViejoThis photo cracks me up, it was taken outside our hotel in Santiago,VeraguasI can’t think of anything clever to say about this very blue photo. Also I there is a little icon on the left side for blogged, and you can click on it and rate my blog. Currently my rating is 7.0 if you like my blog you can help raise up higher by reviewing it favorably?Thanks,Theresa

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