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Aren’t these cool?

Sorry if you missed these but I decided to delete them. I realized that I had posted high resolution copies of my son’s beautiful work on the net where anyone could download them and use them without his knowledge. Oops, I can only plead ignorance and a mother’s pride made me do it.My son sent me these. I can only assume that they were taken in Northern California. I talked to him last night on the phone. He told me that he had been out riding around the country side on his motorcycle.

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Check out the links menu!

I received a request for a Spanish English list of cooking and food terms. Which made me realize that maybe some of you haven’t checked out or (maybe even know that it exists) the links list on the right side of the blog. The heading says Websites and blogs of interest to people who cook. I have a link to Rolly Brooks amazing list called The Mexican Spanish-English Food Lexicon which has more words and terms than you can imagine. I also have a link to Barry Farms How many cups in a pound of which I think is pretty helpful. I discovered the Cook’s Thesaurus when I wanted to know when to pick eggplants off the plant, and I have found it an handy resource ever since. There are also some links to a few good cooking blogs .If you have a website or other cooking link you think I should add please let me know. Tuesday, February 26, ...

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What would you do if you were tagged?

I got tagged today, by Kathy in Tennessee, she probably got my blog address because I have posted comments on Because I said so! which is a blog written by a very funny lady with 6 kids. Here are the rules, I got lazy and just copied them from Kathy’s blog: There are a few rules one must follow to play the game. When tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list eight random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to eight other people. 1. I usually don’t do these types of things. I also delete most chain emails. 2. My favorite colour is red. 3. I like to use British spellings such as colour, honour and grey even if it makes the spell checker crazy. 4. My favorite foods are tostones and pizza, probably not together. —Tostones are fried plantains, ...

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There’s a whole lot of splattering going on!

I reset the posting to 8 posts, which is more or less 8 days if I post daily. But the poll runs for 6 days, and I’ll go with the majority of votes. Also if you are interested, there is subscribe to this feed button at the bottom of the post column. La Maestra often has get togethers at her house. We went to one where she served pozole, I seem to remember that she served 3 kinds, but besides red and green what kinds are there? I can’t remember. Basically, pozole is hominy soup. I see hominy for pozole in cans and in the freezer section of the supermarket in addition to the dried hominy. So how complicated can soup be? My stove top is now green, my shirt is splattered with green and I have little burns on my arms. I seem to have misunderstood exactly how to do this, or I missed a step. How did this ...

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Needing feedback

I’ve gotten some lovely encouragement from people. Which makes me feel very good, I must say. I have some questions for you now. I can set the blog to display as many posts as I want. Originally, I had it set for the last 7 entries to display. Currently, I have just the latest post.What do you like?A week’s worth of blog? A day’s worth? A month? The last 15 days (this being Mexico after all and a week has 8 days and two weeks has 15! For my readers of UK origin is 2 weeks a fortnight and how many days are there in one?).I tend to check the blogs that I like daily, but occasionally I miss reading for a day or so. I am leaning towards the 7 days, but would longer be better?Also, I am toying with the idea of making another blog just for cooking, that way, if you are interested, you can link to ...

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Problems technical and otherwise

Merida is full of dust and humidity. Is that an understatement or what? These very elements have taken a toll on my keyboard. I have keys that stick. Usually a little percussive therapy alleviates the problem enough so I can type away. I had plans to buy a new one in California while I was there. On a message board that I frequent (Merida Insider) I was given several solutions including using Windex to clean the proteineous junk causing the problem. I don’t have any Windex, and I didn’t see any when I went shopping, but I saw another cleaner in the tale tell blue, so I bought it. I can tell you that while it worked great on cleaning, it didn’t do anything good for my keyboard. In fact, it has made things worse, I think little scrubbing bubbles are traveling around and having a world of fun. I tried to type, and hitting the “D” made my window ...

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Because someone asked me.

If I am talking about prices, I am talking about Mexican pesos. If I am talking American dollars, I usually put usd after it, for example, $2.00 usd. You can find the exchange rate in various places on the web if you look for it.I find it a bit confusing to switch back and forth from dollars to pesos and since I spend pesos, that is the currency I am using. Theresa

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Great plans and ambitions

Ah ha! This is my very first blog entry! I feel so empowered with all this blank space to fill with my thoughts and ideas. It‘s fitting that my blog begins today, since we went to immigration on Avenida Colon and picked up our newly prorogued FM-3 visas. So we are good for another year here as Rentistas non-lucrativas, which basically means we can’t work while living here. Prorogue was not in my  vocabulary until we moved to Mexico. I love the daily  usage of words like that in Spanish, you have to love a language that routinely uses the word penultimate! Oh, since I live in Mexico, my spell check on blogger is in Spanish, so it’s pretty useless to me, unless I actually decide to post in that language. I really need a spell checker, so if any of my 2 or 3 readers has an idea how to fix that I would appreciate it. My goals are to learn to upload ...

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