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No I haven’t actually been speechless, but I haven’t been able to come up with anything really interesting to write about. My phone crisis has been resolved, the phone works but the screen gets fuzzy after a few minutes. I blame the blow dryer. My sim card is safely enthroned in Husband’s cell phone and his is waiting for a new home. The weather has been variable, from warm to drizzly. Nothing remarkable. I went to the State Fair, but only to shop with BK. I bought 3 sizes of tiny dishes to add to my collection.I suspect that they are made for kids to play with. However, I use them for holding pre-measured ingredients when cooking, to hold our morning vitamins and for condiments when I serve Indian food. My guess is that the smallest ones hold a couple of tablespoons and the largest one half a cup, very handy to have around. I want to go back with ...

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So much to do in Merida this week

A body at rest tends to stay at rest. As in physics, as in life. It’s difficult to overcome inertia.We get comfortable at home and don’t venture out. Resolving to nip this problem in the bud before it becomes too deeply engrained a habit, I checked out the events schedules on Yucatan Today and Yucatan Living’s websites. The classical guitar concert at the Peon Contreras looks interesting, 8pm isn’t too late. We are not night owls and many events start at 9pm or later. I suggested to Husband that we go tonight and Sunday. Like many events in Merida, it’s free. This morning at 11 am,MELL has a talk on self publishing an e-book. Husband agreed to walk to the library with me. He’ll look at books while I learn about e-publishing. Afterwards, we are going out to lunch. There is a new vegetarian restaurant called Dafnis near the Parque Santa Ana  which is a possibility. I also keep walking ...

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What we saw at the fair

I like going to the Yucatan State Fair at Xmakuil, except for our first year here we have gone every year. I actually did four blog posts last year 50,000 people can’t be wrong, And then there was livestock, And there were cars, Just a few more photos I really took a lot of photos last year! This year I took less, maybe because we didn’t see as much as last year. We were there for 6 hours but didn’t walk around as much. The livestock hasn’t changed since last year, so I won’t post any new photos. We went to the rodeo ring and watched two teams of young equestriennes compete riding sidesaddle. I told Husband I bet this girl will be chagrined when she discovers that she was sitting on her skirt instead of having it draped on the horse, but I like it because it shows clearly how she is sitting. They performed complex forms and crisscrossed ...

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Just a few more photos.

This coconut stand belongs to the Ejido de San Crisanto. Have you ever seen so many coconuts? Oops, this really belongs in the section with the livestock, but it shows the exhibitors taking it easy. And we thought we had it good with an extra stall that had hay bales and an icechest when we were exhibiting. This is one of the food courts, you can eat at exotic places like KFC and Burger King. An alternative to the food court. Are you counting Sol signs? Here’s another. Ah, yes, the Sol girls! The TelCel Girls were on another stage shaking so fast that the photo was blurred. I love the Bimbo Bear. Isn’t he cute? Bimbo goes by the name Wonder bread when you are NOB. Bimbo sponsors a futbol (soccer) team but they don’t put the bear on the jerseys, but as you can see the bear is no slouch when it comes to sports. Another sidewalk food ...

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And there were cars….

Yup, even most of the construction is concrete, we have fireman too. This cute little sulky was in front of Ponylandia, they offered to take our photo for $50 with our favorite pony or miniature donkey. They also sold little bags of alfalfa hay for $10. It’s even cuter from the back! I have never seen anything like this on the streets of Mèrida. The Mayab Volkswagon Club had several bugs on display. Ah, yes, a quarter midget. Nothing like a lawn mower engine! Briggs and Stratton probably more power than most Tsurus. You see cars on the street every once in awhile that have an eerie radioactive glow, this one takes it to the max. Nothing like a 1973 Camaro, but I like red better than root beer. Speaking of red, here I am checking out a brand new Peugeot, if I pay cash they’ll let me have it for just $170,000 and change.

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And then there was livestock

All the cows were taking naps when we went through the barns. These are either Zebu, Brahma or Nelore. I can’t tell the difference but I’m sure a cattle breeder can right away. You call that a set of horns? Now, these are a set of horns! You can’t really tell from this photos but this is one impressive set of horns. Ah, these look more like the cows I remember from the Sonoma-Marin Fair! You can’t have a state fair without a pretty girl on a tractor. This Abril, she is our housekeeper’s daughter. These are sheep, they don’t look like Northern California sheep at all. Ah, this is closer to what I expect a sheep to look like! This cowboy is waiting his turn.This guy is waiting at the gate, notice the Sol sign? There was Sol everywhere, check out the photo of the pyramid, you’ll see a Sol balloon in the sky.

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50,000 people can’t be wrong

We went to the Xmatkuil fair today, and so did 50,000 other people. They lowered the price to $10 from $20, a few shows that were free last year now have a cost to enter, and the carnival rides and games also came down in cost.I’m pretty sure that the theme is Chichen Itza this year. Last year there was a giant boom box where this replica of a Mayan pyramid now resides. If you click on the photos they will open in another window with more detail. This is the coming into the fair from the entrance. It didn’t seem very crowded to me, but it was only 11:00 am. Check out the stilt walker in the background. This is one of the little streets lined with exhibit halls. The sheep barns are also located here. This exhibit is called Instruments of Torture and Pain of Death. I think it replaced the Mummies of Guanajuato. Ah, yes, an entire ...

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