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Thai food extravaganza

La maestra had mentioned that she loved Thai food and missed eating it. Lindi had mentioned that she loves Thai food and missed it too. Thai is Husband’s favorite food.
What does that mean? We had Thai food today. It was a lovely group, La Maestra, her lovely granddaughter Gita and our neighbors and friends Lindi, Pablo and of course Husband and I. Mr. Dog was very interested too, but he only got a tiny taste of the satay. We had starting with the bowl in the upper right (one o’clock) pickled cucumber salad, chicken satay, peanut sauce for the satay, green banana curry,pork and vegetable curry, a small bowl of chopped peanuts to add as needed, pad thai, and red fried rice.
Here is a closer look at the table.

Here is a close up of the pad thai.
This is the red fried rice. Ketchup is what makes it red.
This is the pork and vegetable curry. Those red strips are serrano peppers that I bought at the supermarket and let riped to red. I picked the ones just showing a little colour and left them out for a day to ripen.
Here is the chicken satay. I love how Husband lined the dish with a fresh banana leaf.

Husband was really involved in making this feast. I don’t know if he meant to be, but he grilled the meat, made a lovely Thai Limeade, and prepared the pickles. He also did a lot of other stuff, it was so nice working together in the kitchen.
We also had some nice wine and tropical ice cream supplied by our guests.
Pablo and Gita had never had Thai food before so I told them that was perfect because they had nothing to compare it to. La Maestra remarked that it had been years since she had any Thai food, and come to think of it Husband hasn’t had any since we moved here. So I had their memories of great Thai food to compete with, I think Lindi and I have had Thai food the most recently. It was a lovely meal. I’ll type up the rest of the recipes this week

About Theresa Diaz Gray

Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. Hi Ron and tacogirl, since it was a party I tried to make it look pretty, actually now that I am retired I am putting more effort into presentation of my meals.
    thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hi Jeanne,I have two Pad Thai recipes, I like the one that I posted a little more than the other one,but both are good. After I get the rest of the recipes posted I will see about posting Pad Thai#2..thanks for dropping by.

  3. That looks delicious. I love Thai food – haven’t made any in a while though. We have a couple of Thai restaurants around here, but I haven’t found a really good Pad Thai. I may have to try your recipe.

  4. Thanks Rachel,I try to make things look pretty and tasty.

  5. Everything looks yummy! I love how you garnish your plates and make them pretty that way.

  6. Lin, it was a nice way to spend the day, I’m glad you two liked it.
    Lisa, one of the nice things about living in California was all the variety of cuisines that are available. Luckily for me, most of the ingredients in Thai or Indian food are tropical and readily available here with the exception of a few spices. Thanks for dropping in.

  7. You lured me over here with the pictures of your lucious luncheon. I have had Thai food only one time. It was delicious. I wouldn’t know what to purchase to make the meal. It is fun to see what you had.

  8. I have to tell you that everything was more delicious than it looks in the photos….which in themselves are mouthwatering. We really enjoyed our Thai treats, thanks a LOT Theresa and Duke!
    Lin y Esclavadero Pablo

  9. Teresa, sure, I miss having someone to answer the phone, bring in the groceries,walk and bathe the dog,all the stuff my kid used to. Come on down! I’ll adopt you.
    Normally, I would only make one or two of the items, not the whole shebang.I have a problem knowing when to stop….

  10. will you please adopt me? i could use some of that good cooking. chris and i went out for thai on sat. and it was just so, so. yours looks divine.

    tonight i’m making arroz con pollo but now that my blood sugar is a bit high, i really have to watch what i eat.

    still very sressed about my circumstances even though i know it’s for the best.

    hope to get an e-mail from you sometime in the near future.


  11. Hi Beth,
    The recipe that I have for coconut rice is Indian.It’s pretty easy but it calls for fresh coconut which is easy to obtain here, I just go to the Mercado and buy an already shelled one from the coconut guy. NOB, I would have to buy a coconut and crack open the shell etc. Personally, I think the peanut sauce is the best part of satay.

  12. Thai is one of my favourites without a doubt! Especially coconut rice, which should be the easiest thing to make but I haven’t found the “perfect” recipe yet.

    Chicken satay… well what can I say. I could live off the stuff!!!!

  13. Thank you all. Husband says to tell you that he isn’t sharing the left overs. Michelle I did post a recipe for Pad Thai already. I’ll see about getting some more typed up.
    Canucka,I think some recipes are easier than others and if you already know how to stir fry most Asian dishes are easy. They do require that you prep everything first though.

  14. Oh my that looks and sounds GOOD. I really miss Thai food but don’t want to pay Cancun prices for it. I don’t have much faith in my own cooking, but I look forward to reading your recipes. (I read a lot of recipes but never try to make anything new, call me chicken. Though maybe it’s a case of self preservation). 🙂

  15. Recipes, PLEASE!! That looks wonderful!! I’ve never made Thai food but I would like to try.

  16. Mmmmm LOVE Thai food. Your spread looks delicious!

  17. Oh My! That looks delicious!

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