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What do I eat all day?

Nancy from Countdown to Mexico  recently posted “What DOES a vegetarian eat, anyway?” and in the comments she asked me to post what I eat since we’ve gone grain free. So here it is, What do I eat all day? 

I started to write a book on food before I got cancer but have abandoned it. Not that the information isn’t good, it’s that I don’t feel that I have anything new to add to that genre. Basically my current food philosophy is eat real food, hardly any grains (except rice and the occasional nixtomalized corn tortilla), and if I stray off the path, just get back on it.

We strayed off the paleo path quite a bit, I gained a few pounds due to my frustration at plateauing at 60.3 kilos ( sounds less than 133 pounds). Last week I weighed 137 pounds, argh. So we’re on the Bulletproof Diet, the main difference between how we were eating before and on the diet plan is intermittent fasting. No eating for 18 hours after dinner except bulletproof coffee for breakfast.

There is a two week bulletproof protocol, he gives you a list of foods to choose for lunch and dinner, and dessert. On days 6 and 13 you go on a protein fast. The recipes are a little bland to my taste, but I made the Bulletproof Bean-free Dahl & Rice for day 6 and it was really good. It’s more of a curry than a dahl, I cheated and added Madras Curry powder but I know that neither of us are sensitive to nightshades. I also splurged and bought a huge bag of Basmati rice at Costco.

Speaking of splurges, I spent over $600 mxn for 5 kilos of Anchor butter. A huge 11 pound block of butter. It is supposed to be grass fed butter which is a big deal vitamin wise. I still love Aguas Caliente butter but I don’t know if it’s grass fed butter or not.

Husband isn’t a fan, he isn’t hungry and the food is good, but he hates the idea that he is restricted to a 6 hour window for eating. I have lost 3.5 pounds and he has lost 2, nowhere near the pound a day the book claims. However, we haven’t changed what we eat except when we eat.I think  We had switched to having butter and stevia in our coffee instead of cream and sugar ages ago, but we weren’t blending it nor adding coconut oil too. He recommends Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil – a high grade MCT oil but I haven’t seen any MCT oil regardless of brand here, so we use coconut oil.  I am amazed at how great it tastes blended instead of just melted in and stirred.

What do I eat for lunch?

Today it was a salad made from romaine lettuce, sliced radishes, chopped red bell pepper (great source of vitamin C but not on the protocol due to the possibility of nightshade sensitivity), and avocado topped with pulled pork and avocado dressing.

For dinner tonight- asparagus spears with bulletproof Hollandaise sauce, more pulled pork,Asparagus with Hollandaise and pulled pork

and organic mixed berries for dessert.Organic berries for dessert

About Theresa Diaz Gray

Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. I am in the market for a revised diet. I suspect I will revert to the tried-and-true less of what I usually eat. For me, exercise is what makes the biggest difference. And I need to do that. I also know there are several thingsI can easily give up without abandoning my enjoymet of food. I would rather have the extra pounds than to abandon whole groups of food. Isn’t it odd how most of the world is starving, and we are fighting the disease of too much to eat?

    • Hi Steve,
      You should give this a look see, I imagine that the 2 week protocol will be hard for you mentally (just like for Husband) but I also think you can do it.

      One of the things Dave Asprey stresses is that you try out foods to see how they affect you. I’ve been doing that since we changed our diet, so I already know what I can eat. For example; recently I ate at a lovely little French Bistro (in Merida!! with an actual French owner!). A crisp slender baguette came with the meal. I willingly ate my half. That afternoon I felt awful, the same hangover feeling that cake gives me! Will I eat another baguette? Probably, but if I get the same result then I probably won’t be eating a third.

      Husband loves cheese and ice cream, he eats them on occasion. They cause his nose to stop up and it takes a week or more to clear. I love cheese but I don’t really care about ice cream (except Rocky Road), however except for the sugar in icecream neither really bothers me. My problem with simple carbs is that I eat them mindlessly, I intend to make a side of pasta but instead I consume an entire plate. However, I find that I don’t have that issue with rice pasta (I don’t like how the corn pasta tastes).

      Have you tried the French approuch? Taste everything, but eat little? It’s harder when you live alone though. Oh, I read an interesting tidbit. When people eat off small red plates they eat less. I understand smaller plates but red?


  2. We did the 5:2 diet for four or five months without really losing any weight, but the Bulletproof sounds like it’s Paleo with intermittent fasting?

    So lots of meat, fish and vegetables is what you eat mostly? I have not been losing weight lately either, now I’m thinking I need to exercise differently. Either that super intense short time workout or upping the velocity of my daily run/walk. I sure envy some of my friends that get slimmer as they age! Sounds like you are working out a plan for you guys, thanks so much for sharing your program.


    • Hi Nancy,
      I think that if you aren’t eating a SAD diet or consuming a lot of simple carbs these diets don’t work as miraculously as they do for some.

      It’s a high fat, medium protein, low carb diet- so lots of butter (butter is not paleo but it is primal), avocado, and coconut oil; lots of eggs too, meat and fish in moderation, and a lot of greens with other low carb veggies and a minimum of fruit (except coconut).

      I’ve been reading full out sprinting a few days a week will kick start your metablism. Since I don’t run, I have been grabbing the side of the pool and kicking like crazy for as long as I can. Everything that I have been reading says that eating good fats (no seed oils, so called vegetable oils) encourages your body to burn fat. How about avocados and eggs for breakfast?


  3. Sounds interesting. Have you read “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman? Though I don’t have a weight problem (thankfully), I have improved my diet dramatically by following (or at least keeping in mind) his diet. I’m still trying to figure out what to do about breakfast. I still eat low-sugar cereal for breakfast (shredded wheat, oatmeal, “Joe’s O’s”), and find it difficult to think of alternatives. On weekends I’ll sometimes make cheese omelettes for breakfast, but I’m generally not very creative before noon. I’d like to get away from cereal, but it’s very convenient and I like it. And it doesn’t seem to be causing me any problems as I’m at an excellent weight and have great blood chemistry.

    And on the topic of butter, how is the butter you bought? Flavor-wise that is. I have found Mexican butter to be universally bland and disappointing. I should note that here in Boston, I tend toward the expensive, imported brands like President (France) or Kerrygold (Ireland). Butter is the one thing I’ve thought I’d lack if I were to move to Mexico. Is the Aguascalientes butter as good as, say, Land o’ Lakes? Better? Their yogurt is very good.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are very picky when it comes to groceries.

    • Hi Kim,
      So much stuff in one comment!

      Yes, I read Dr Fuhrman’s book (you recommended it), I don’t remember why but I was not impressed. Ill look at it again and get back to you on specifics if you want, but not today.

      Non-cereal breakfast ideas- bacon and eggs, fritata or omelet, last night’s left overs, a pork chop, bulletproof coffee, a vegetable shake, chia seed pudding, steak and eggs, hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs and just about anything you would eat any other time of day. Do a search for the current thoughts on dietary cholesterol if the idea of eggs freaks you out- oh yeah, btw the egg white is the least healthy bit.

      Butter, Anchor is imported from New Zealand, and is from grass fed cows, a very important thing according to Weston Price’s research. It tastes really good too. Aguas Caliente is very good too, but I have no idea what their cows are fed.

      thanks for stopping by and commenting,


      ps: I added 2 photos

      • Hola Theresa,

        No need to comment further on Dr. Fuhrman. It’s a tough diet if you want to observe it strictly, which I have never done. My father, who is even skinnier than I am, tried it with my step-mother (not so skinny), and he lost too much weight, though his already-good blood numbers got even better. At the end of the day, I think they abandoned the strict version of the diet and are probably eating something similar to what I eat.

        And thanks for the info on the butters. Good butter is something I’d have a hard time living without.



        • P.S. One of the things I look forward to in Mexico is the general fabulousness of the fruits and vegetables. And of course being able to buy nopal easily. It can’t be had for love or money here in Boston.

        • Kim,
          I don’t think it was the strictness, but rather the composition of the diet.

          Living in Merida and growing up in Northern California, I have the opposite view of the fruits and veggies. However, I wanted to move to Chiapas just because of the mercado, if I ever move it will be for the availability of better produce!

          There is a lady who sells several nopal salads at the Slow Foods market which are delicious! I usually buy one to take home.


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