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Where did May go?

The Month of Thai was more like the week of Thai, I’m really having issues with this cooking for one business. I’m eating out more often than we used to, then I take leftovers home and eat them the next day.

To help me through the day, I did have several girl friends over for lunch on Duke’s birthday.  Among other things we had spring rolls, pad Thai, satay, and a couple of salads. Dessert was sticky rice with mangoes. I meant to take photos but was too busy cooking. Then I had leftovers for several days.

I am planning on doing  thank you dinner for the rest of my friends who helped me with Duke, but I haven’t gotten far on the planning. The house is less of a mess than it was, I’ve made the headboard, a bed skirt, and a bedspread.I’ll post about them next time.

In my quest to figure out my role in this new life, I dyed my hair blonde. Unlike my forays into fantasy colors, this was rather unplanned. I had colored my hair a mahogany shade, which is what I used when I was in my thirties and started graying. It didn’t look all that great, so I got the joe genius idea of using a color stripper and starting over. When you have dark brown hair and use color remover on it, you get orange. It was orange and yellow and very unattractive. The girl at the beauty supply suggested I over dye it with ash blonde, so I did. It toned things down a bit but I still wasn’t happy. When I went to get my haircut, my hairdresser told me to wait a month before I did anything else, but also said that it didn’t look as bad as I thought it did.

While I was living with my Goldilocks look, I did what I should have done in the first place, research. I watched videos, read articles, and read more articles. Honestly, I must of watched a dozen videos and read twice that many articles.  I learned about highlighting, low-lighting, and balayage.

Armed with my new knowledge and the thought that the worst thing that could happen is that I’d cut all my hair off again, I bought three shades of ash blonde and some toner. The details aren’t important, I don’t want to be responsible for anyone bleaching their hair.

Monday, I got another haircut. David, my hairdresser, asked me if I had someone dye my hair. I told him what I did, he said it looks very good and should grow out well. Then he gave me a great haircut. So while I am not ready to change my profile portrait on my about me page though I updated it awhile back, I have changed my photos on some other profiles.

I’m still figuring out this selfie thing, but here are two photos of the current state of my hair. A little lighter than I meant it to be, but I can live with it. Several people have told me that they miss the purple, I take it to mean that they don’t care for the blonde. It’s just hair, and subject to change.

IMG_20160531_202029677 (2) Theresa Diaz Gray

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