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Where does the time go?

I noticed on another blog’s blogroll that it’s been six days since I last posted here. That just doesn’t seem right to me. I’m sure that I wrote a blog post just the other day. One of the problems with being retired is losing track of time. Here it is 2013 and I am just flabbergasted.

The last couple of days have been sultry, after a small cold snap in October (?), it’s been warm weather every day. The water in the pool is too cool for my taste, but last Saturday I did sit on the steps and dip my feet. It’s also been the worst year for mosquitos that I can remember. Right now I am wearing flipflops and a sleeveless shift, the overhead fan is moving air around so it’s pleasant enough. If it wasn’t for the mosquitos I would be outside, but then again, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post.

With this blast of warmth, I am pondering if we should take Mr Dog to the vet down the street to be shorn. Mr. Dog has never been a fan of baths or grooming,now with advancing age and bad eye sight, he is a total wreck when he hears the clippers. His normal vet has a thriving pet grooming business, with several employees.They would be glad to  pick him up and deliver him, but Mr Dog doesn’t do well there. He picks up on the other dogs’ nervousness and freaks out. The vet down the street isn’t as busy, so we walk Mr Dog there and pay extra to have him sedated. It’s an extreme measure but this vet is the one who does all the work himself, rather than having some kid bath and clip him. In order to limit the number of times that Mr. Dog is heavily medicated we had him totally shaved. I figure that way he can have two maybe three hair cuts a year, he looks odd for a few months, well groomed a month or two and then just sorta shaggy.

Mr Dog had a check up recently, his vet says that he is in great shape and doesn’t look like a fifteen year old dog. I say that Mr. Dog is turning into a cat, he sleeps in, eats breakfast and then rests up until dinner.Just like a cat he conserves energy all day. He has the beginning of cataracts so his vision is not great. I don’t know if he gets confused, or if it’s due to lack of visual acuity,but he gets lost in our house these days. He wakes up in the middle of the night, goes into the dining room and turns right instead of left. We find him in the recibidor (foyer) facing a closed door looking puzzled. Sometimes he gets stuck in corners, or he tries to go through doors that aren’t normally open. Recently, he went through the arch in front of the fountain, turned left and got lost.

He is going deaf, which means that thunder and the frequent fireworks we experience here don’t bother him much these days.We watch his tail to see how he feels. Mr Dog’s tail serves as a mood barometer, the higher he holds his tail the happier he is.  His normal tail posture is a slight upward curl at the tip, when he’s excited it goes to half mast, when he is scared it scoots between his legs. Mostly he is carries it up these days, even stuck in a corner staring at the movies in his head, Mr Dog is happy.

Even with all his problems, Mr Dog can tell time. Around five thirty every evening he comes and stares at me. he looks intently at me, then he turns and stares at the clock on the wall. Eventually, he wears me down, I explain it isn’t six yet, but he persists. When I stand up and head for the kitchen, he prances. He trots ahead of me, looking back and bounces up and down like a rocking horse. Unless it’s raining,he eats outside. After he finishes dinner, he bursts through the doors into our family room, runs into the kitchen then back outside, doing a couple of victory laps, convinced that he used the force of his will to control me. After a couple of laps he rests up until around nine when he stares at us, walks to the door and then comes back, he has decided it’s time to go to bed and wants us to join him. Eventually, he realizes that he isn’t Svengali, sighs and goes to bed by himself.

About Theresa Diaz Gray

Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. Barb,
    I am not surprised that he can tell when it’s time to eat, what cracks me up is that he looks at the clock on the wall.

  2. Isn’t it funny how dogs seem to be able to tell time? Our dog would do the same thing when it was time to eat.

    Thanks for the update on Jonna. I, too, was wondering if she was ok.

  3. Shannon,
    It warms my heart to hear about other people’s love for their geriatric dogs. I love that phrase “a little addled”that discribes Mr. Dog better than doggie dementia.


  4. Prior to moving to Mexico I had a huge boxer named Charlie, also known as Chuck the dog-faced boy. He lived to be 13, a very old age for a boxer. His face was completely white and his brain was a little addled. I loved him dearly and when he died I felt as if I had lost a child.
    Thank you Theresa, I definitely identified with this post!

  5. Thank you for the update! I’m glad you saw Jonna ‘upright’ recently after her bout with dengue fever. I know ppl leave blogging for all kinds of reasons but when they go from prolific to nada, well it does make some of us wonder if everything is okay… like I mentioned before, I won’t have hurt feelings if you delete. Again, thank you so much and many blessings for you and yours! grace

  6. Norm,
    I totally understand I have never sought out a cat, they just arrive. We used to live in the country too, so I know about dogs mysteriously appearing too.

    Have you tried emailing her through her blog? She used to have a contact me form on her blog.

    People stop blogging for a variety of reasons,sometimes they just move on to doing other things.

    Jonna was fine the last time I saw her, I will pass your comment on to her.


  7. Dear Theresa – um, i have a ridiculous question to ask having nothing to do with your post but I’m not sure who else to ask. Please feel free to delete! –
    Here it is: I’ve been following Jonna and Mimi’s blog since before they moved to Mexico. Jonna hasn’t updated her blog since August. I’m just wondering if you knew if they okay(?) I chose you to ask b/c you had the most recent activity and, well..you may not know them at all but your blog was on her list that she follows. She’s not accepting comments on her blog otherwise, I’d just ask her! I loved following their travels in the USA in their Lazy Daze and I’m aspiring to the same adventure in a couple years. I sure hope they are OK! Also, thanks for sharing your experience with Mr.Dog..I’ve had exactly (2) dogs from puppy to old age and it’s a blessing and an honor to be with them at every stage. kind regards, grace

  8. The old ones have passed. We are fostering a little fat terrier now, or at least my daughter is while we are in Latin America. It will be hard to give her back when her owner gets better. We live in the country, they just arrive on our doorstep. Linda and I will have another dog of our own before long.

  9. Lee,
    Mr. Dog has several names, lately he hasn’t been answering to any of them.

    I certainly give him a scratch from you.


  10. Dear Mr. Dog. What a great character. Please give him a scratch for us.

  11. Is Mr. Dog his real name, or are you protecting his identity from Internet pirates? You can’t be too careful these days.

  12. Hi Beverly,

    I’m sorry to hear about your dog passing.

    Mr. Dog is getting quirky but we are treasuring all the time we have left together.


  13. Theresa,
    Being a pet lover and always having a dog as a member of our family, until recently,I smiled at your blog as well as had tears in my eyes. …very poignant… Beverly

  14. Thanks Norm!I know you have your own old dogs living with you, so you understand.


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